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Warzone player wins by flying plane in Solo Vanguard the entire match

A Warzone Pacific player spent an entire Solo Vanguard match in a fighter plane and won with 20 kills while flying above Caldera. Is this the new meta?
Warzone player wins by flying plane in Solo Vanguard the entire match
The Warzone Pacific Season 1 gameplay update was feature-rich. It boasted many interesting new additions to the popular battle royale, including over forty weapons from Call of Duty: Vanguard, new game modes, a new tropical island map of Caldera, and loads more.

The developers also introduced fighter planes as a key feature that would undoubtedly bring a new twist to Warzone Pacific players, forcing them to keep their eyes peeled to the skies with dogfights taking place overhead.

More recently, a daring Warzone Pacific decided to challenge themselves by playing an entire game on Solo Vanguard Royale in a fighter plane. The best part is that the player won!

Playing an entire Warzone Pacific match ends with a win!

On 22nd December, Reddit user Lord Texugo uploaded a nearly 8-minute video showing how they won a Solo Vanguard match while flying above Caldera in a plane almost the entire game.

Warzone Pacific player spends entire match in fighter plane on Solo Vanguard and wins.
The Warzone Pacific player spends the entire match in a fighter plane on Solo Vanguard and wins. (Picture: Reddit / Lord Texugo)

The player left the fighter plane only to score the match-ending kill by throwing down gas grenades and hitting the enemy to death with a riot shield.

Arguably the best part is that the player wasn't passive and actually manoeuvred the plane to remain in the zone and even racked up twenty kills with the onboard machine gun, which is impressive!

Interestingly, the comments on the Reddit thread appear to give the player's unusual gameplay strategy the seal of approval.

"The super toxic ending makes this video even better. Nice job," said a Reddit user. "What a troll way to play. I love it," said another.

"You're a piece of sh*t, but you're our piece of sh*t," said a third. "Fly that sh*t up your a**, this video was f**ckin' awesome LOL," said a fourth.

warzone pacific player spends solo vanguard game in plane caldera
The toxic ending was the cherry on top. (Picture: Reddit / Lord Texugo)

Another user wrote, "I rarely watch videos all the way through to the end on this sub, but I watched all 7 minutes and 53 seconds of this incredible content." The user continued, adding that it was refreshing to see "something besides b*tching about Krimpus (sic) and FOV."

Admittedly, we must concur as the video is fantastic! It is undoubtedly worth nearly 8 minutes of watch time and demonstrates the ingenuity and creativity of players in Warzone Pacific.

We guess that other players will presumably attempt to copy Lord Texugo. So, who knows, perhaps dog fighting over Caldera will become the new meta (well, at least for the sake of entertainment).


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.