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Tommey on cheating debacle: "You’ll never see something like this from me again" as Warzone star promises to make things right

Tommey states that the experience was a learning lesson for him and that he was "immature and a fool".
Tommey on cheating debacle: "You’ll never see something like this from me again" as Warzone star promises to make things right
The drama surrounding Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl Warzone continues even after the tournament is over.

After the initial cheating allegations against streamer METZY_B, which resulted in his disqualification from the tournament based on clips that showed he may have been using an aimbot, his name has now been cleared by "the cheater hunter" himself, 100 Thieves' Thomas “Tommey” Trewren.

Tommey was one of many competitors who initially thought that METZY_B was cheating, based on the clips he reviewed.

Tommey was later given remote access to METZY's computer, but the Warzone pro failed to find any evidence of hacks, leading Tommey to the conclusion that the accusors had jumped the gun, especially in light of any concrete proof or investigation.

Tommey metzy cheating
Tommey didn't find any proofs of cheating in METZY's computer (Picture: METZY)

Tommey later apologized for the rush to judgement, however, METZY was still left without any rewards from the tournament and his reputation was tarnished.

It was only at the start of the week that Warzone players were praising Tommey for his cheat exposing skills, but the tide has turned, and now he is catching serious flak for his actions last night.

This backlash has prompted not one but two statements of contrition, with Tommey promising to make things right with METZY.

"Although we’ve caught cheaters in the past, yesterday was a learning lesson and proved why it’s wrong to do it the way I did. There are numerous different ways it could have been handled. I was immature and a fool," he tweeted out.

Tommey asks his fans not to defend his actions because "I do not deserve any form of support" and explains that he has reached out METZY_B and his team, offering all prize money he had won from the tournament. He even offers to help him build a new PC.

"I messed up. I’m sorry, you’ll never see something like this from me again and I’ll do better and be better."

Tommey after METZY cheating accusation
Tommey's whole statement (Picture: Tommey)

Tommey claims that this has nothing to do with his organisation 100 Thieves, nor with its owner Nadeshot.

"Nadeshot hasn’t had any part in any of it. These are my thoughts and my thoughts only."

In the meantime, METZY_B showed his support to Tommey, stating that he has "nothing against the guy".

"I understand where he was coming from last night and he needs credit for being the only person to do what he did," METZY tweeted out. "Tommey put his own career on the line for this situation and he shouldn’t have had to! Much love."

The whole situation is a mess and just shows the need for a proper anti-cheat system in the game. With the rewards so high (last night's tournament had a prize pool of $250,000) and it being so easy to cheat, it really is no surprise that players feel the need to scrutinize the gameplay of others.

If anyone deserves to be catching flak for this it should be Activision and the teams of developers that work on Warzone for not implementing strong anti-cheat systems a year after release and with hundreds of millions of dollars in profit.