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Warzone bug fixes and weapon tuning coming in two patches

Infinity Ward has plans for two Warzone patches filled with bug fixes and long-awaited weapon tuning.
Warzone bug fixes and weapon tuning coming in two patches
With the Modern Warfare and Warzone patch 1.24 ushering in Season 5, we didn't get any weapon tuning for Warzone. The update also brought several Warzone bugs, from the "Play Again" option not working to some strange graphical issues. Now, Infinity Ward has revealed Warzone weapon tuning and bug fixes are on their way with two patches.


Warzone bug fixes and weapon tuning

While particulars of the long-awaited Warzone tuning is still unknown, developer Infinity Ward has confirmed this will arrive in the next patch, alongside some issues, including a bug which occurs when opening the armoury. 

On Twitter, Infinity Ward's Senior Communications Manager, Ashton Williams, confirmed Warzone bug fixes and weapon tuning patches are in the works. 



Ashton Williams continued by revealing minor details on the second Warzone patch, which should fix the "demon gun" glitch due to graphical corruption issues: "The second one fixes the graphical corruption issue with weapons, the 'Play Again' option not working, and more.

"I don't have an ETA just yet, but we'll share more details when we're all set."



While we don't know exactly which weapons will get balanced in the Warzone weapon tuning patch, Ashton Williams did provide a hint. When asked about the timing of the next Warzone patch (due to the Call of Duty World Championships kicking off soon) from a concerned fan, Ashton explained the patch will tune weapons "they don't use".

This points towards Infinity Ward buffing weapons, instead of nerfing popular ones with the Warzone weapon tuning update.