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Warzone DMR 14 nerfs not enough according to early reports

It appears Raven Software didn't deploy enough nerfs to the DMR 14 in Warzone's latest balance update, as reports suggest the gun is still overpowered.
Warzone DMR 14 nerfs not enough according to early reports
Since the release of Warzone Season One with Black Ops Cold War integration, many players have been calling the free-to-play Battle Royale title "DMRZone". This is due to the overpowered nature of the DMR 14 Tactical Rifle.

On 6th January 2021, Raven Software deployed a balance update, nerfing the DMR 14, Type 63, MAC-10 and the Dual Pistols. However, according to reports from multiple players, the DMR 14 nerfs were not enough, by a long shot.

DMR 14 nerfs in Warzone not enough 

First up, let's take a quick look at the nerfs in the latest Warzone balance update. Please note these only apply to Warzone and not Black Ops Cold War.

  • DMR 14 - Reduced headshot damage, increased recoil
  • Type 63 - Reduced headshot damage, increased recoil
  • Mac-10 - Decreased headshot multiplier
  • Dual pistols - Increased hip-fire spread, decreased damage range

While the DMR 14 did receive some nerfs, with a recoil increase and a headshot multiplayer damage decrease, this isn't nearly enough to really make the weapon less effective.

DMR 14 nerfs raven software overpowered(Picture: Activision)

Players are reporting they don't feel a difference in the DMR 14, as well as other weapons after the Warzone balance update. 

Even the voice actor for Ghost took to Twitter and tagged Raven Software, stating: "Just tested the DMR. It still 2-3 shot beams people at close-mid range. It’s only 250+ metres that it kicks a bit and does slightly less damage.

"DMR-you-kidding me Raven Software? Nerf the rate of fire and ADS on attachments. Make this operate like a 1980s era rifle, please."

In a clip from YouTuber Speros posted on Twitter, showcases the updated recoil in action, as the YouTuber stats "There is no recoil on this gun, at all".

Further, famous Warzone YouTuber NICKMERCS first said the update was a "W" but after playing a bit, he thinks the update is "L". 

In the video above, YouTuber MarleyThirteen also discusses the DMR 14 nerfs in Warzone, and how overpowered the weapon still is.

It remains to be seen if Raven Software will deploy more DMR 14 nerfs in the next Warzone update. For now, it looks like the nerfs definitely weren't enough.