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Warzone Pacific hacker in flying car stuns players on Caldera

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific players were left with mixed reactions after hackers went around shooting enemies from a flying car on Caldera.
Warzone Pacific hacker in flying car stuns players on Caldera
In September last year, Call of Duty hackers blew our minds when they introduced another crazy hack to Warzone -- flying vehicles. And now, it seems as though the hack is back.

Despite Activision's new Ricochet anti-cheat system and kernel-level driver being in full effect, hackers have somehow managed to evade its detection and cause further mayhem in the game.

Indeed, flying cars are akin to Harry Potter films and certainly not Warzone Pacific, so it was only natural that some players would not be unimpressed.

Warzone Pacific hacker flies around in a car on Caldera

On 19th January, Reddit user RedBirdsFly1 (with an unironically fitting name) uploaded a video clip on the COD Warzone subreddit showing two hackers in a flying vehicle above Caldera.

The video is taken from the shooter's perspective, who is seen climbing on top of the vehicle while his teammate takes the wheel and launches them into the sky. The player then proceeds to shoot at unsuspecting enemies on the ground beneath them.

The video has received more than 1,400 upvotes nearly 200 comments at publication. Based on the thread's comments, players had mixed reactions regarding the hack.

The flying car hack is back in Warzone Pacific
The flying car hack is back in Warzone Pacific. (Picture: Reddit)

Some Redditors applauded the hacker's ingenuity, calling it "the best cheat they've ever seen. "Hell, I'm not even mad," said one user.

A different user compared the flying car to something from the Harry Potter film series. "Ah, the new Harry Potter bundle from the store," they said. A third commented with a subtle nod at The Matrix, saying, "He's beginning to believe."

While the insanity of the hack is admittedly laughable, others were not having any of it.

Hackers shoot enemies from a flying car in Warzone Pacific
Hackers shoot enemies from a flying car in Warzone Pacific. (Picture: Reddit)

Naturally, many players criticised the Ricochet anti-cheat system with mocking comments. "Waoo Ricochet, the hack got y'all stuttering," said one Reddit user. Others branded the hack as "egregious" and blasted Ricochet for not banning the hackers on the spot in real-time.

This latest incident is not the only instance of flying cars in Warzone Pacific. In a different Reddit thread, we can see how Twitch streamer Intechs also had flying cars in their match.

Of course, we condemn cheating Warzone Pacific, but I have to give props to these hackers for at least doing something funny. Although, I can't speak for the players in these matches.

Indeed, some hacks will always slip through the cracks; therefore, we encourage players to use the in-game reporting system to ensure that these players are banned.


Featured image courtesy of Activision.