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Warzone glitch lets players access new Golden Vault

Warzone Rebirth Reinforced has provided some awesome new content, and players seem to have found a glitch with the new Golden Vault.
Warzone glitch lets players access new Golden Vault
Recent updates have brought exciting changes to Warzone Pacific Season 2's island and players have been thoroughly enjoying the new content. Amongst the most highly-anticipated drops still to come, game developers Raven Software and Infinity Ward have teased yet another mysterious Vault for players to ponder.

The newest Vault was not meant to be accessed yet, as it was simply available as a tease to this point. But a certain Warzone player appears to have cracked the code and gained access to the new Golden Vault early with a crazy hack.

Warzone Rebirth Reinforced hack access Golden Vault

Golden Vault COD Warzone Rebirth Reinforced
The new Golden Vault has stirred up much discussion in COD Warzone Pacific circles. (Picture: Raven Software / Infinity Ward)

Over the years, secret locations in Call of Duty Warzone have been amongst the most exciting content added by the game developers. In previous seasons at Verdansk, players had the ability to gain access to secret Bunkers and find special in-game Easter Eggs.

After the major Rebirth Reinforced update dropped, players were excited to find another of these secret locations on hand. The latest secret location is a Golden Vault, though it has not been accessible to players since Rebirth Reinforced launched, that is, until now.

There are three different Golden Vault entrances and Twitter user BobNetworkUK has found a way to enter with the help of a teammate. Do note you won't be able to perform this trick on your own, so make sure you're squaded-up with at least one more player.

How to get inside Golden Vault - Warzone Rebirth Reinforced

COD Warzone Pacific Rebirth Reloaded glitch into new Golden Vault
The Golden Vault is filled with all kinds of special loot for players to pick up. (Picture: BobNetworkUK / Raven Software / Infinity Ward)

To access the new Golden Vault ahead with BobNetworkUK's glitch, you'll need to stand in front of the entrance and have your teammate knock you in. Have your partner drive full-speed into you with a Jeep, knocking you right into the Golden Vault.

Here's the video from BobNetworkUK showing exactly how to glitch into the new Golden Vault. You'll notice the vault is filled with all kinds of special crates and loot for players to take advantage of.

While this is an absolutely awesome glitch, there is also a major problem. As the Golden Vault has not yet been fully released, there is no way to exit once you glitch inside. So while it's not yet fully functional, it still may be enjoyable to explore if you and a teammate are curious.

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Featured image courtesy of Raven Software / Infinity Ward.