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Why is Warzone so laggy? Call of Duty players take to Reddit to complain

Warzone players have recently been complaining about serious lag with many taking to Reddit to voice their frustrations, as it seems Caldera is having issues.
Why is Warzone so laggy? Call of Duty players take to Reddit to complain
Season 2 of Warzone Caldera got off to a flying start with tons of new content as well as the return of previously vaulted facets of gameplay. While many were happy to jump into the new phase of the battle royale, other players complained about overpowered features like the Juggernaut suit.

It now looks like the next problem has cropped up for the game devs as many Warzone players are experiencing lag. A contingent of those affected by the laggy gameplay are now voicing their frustration on Reddit, here's all the latest.

Warzone Caldera lag issues - Reddit commentary

Warzone Caldera laggy
Players are experiencing serious lag issues on Caldera in Warzone Pacific Season 2. (Picture: Raven Software / Infinity Ward)

While there has been plenty of new content for players to enjoy in Warzone Pacific Season 2, including new map locations and new weapons added to the loot pool, it hasn't all been smooth sailing. As is the case with many major title updates, the servers can be overloaded by both a massive number of players as well as the new content not being fully worked out.

Oftentimes, this results in major lags and bugs, as well as causing the servers to crash, preventing players from being able to log in. Though the problems have persisted now nearly two full months since the release of Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded.

The Warzone lag problems seem to be cropping up again with players reporting issues with the gameplay freezing and sputtering. After user donregan25 posted a complaint to Reddit voicing frustration with laggy Warzone games, dozens of fellow players chimed in with similar sentiments.

Many users added to donregan25's complaint citing they too were experiencing sputtering and slow-motion issues when playing Warzone specifically. With many listing that they have a perfectly fine internet connection, it seems even more troubling that so many players dealing with the same lag.

What may be even more frustrating, there does not appear to be a specific reason for the current lag. The game developers have not commented on the problem as of writing, though we will continue to monitor the situation.

Other commenters provided some help stating that Rebirth Island was much less laggy, which would make sense seeing that the lobbies are much smaller. It may be worth a run if you're dealing with COD Warzone connection issues.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 laggy issues
Players have noted that Rebirth Island is better with connectivity at the moment amidst the Warzone Pacific Season 2 lag issues. (Picture: Raven Software / Infinity Ward)

That's just about everything users have been complaining about recently in Warzone Pacific Season 2. For more coverage including gun guides and more, make sure to check out our dedicated Call of Duty page.


Featured image courtesy of Raven Software / Infinity Ward.