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Warzone loadout drop freeze glitch: How to fix

Players are experiencing a new glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone which freezes them in place while opening a loadout drop but thankfully there's an easy fix.
Warzone loadout drop freeze glitch: How to fix
Loadout drops in Call of Duty: Warzone is a crucial aspect of winning a match, even though they are quite dangerous as getting to a loadout drop exposes the player. With the Warzone loadout drop freezing glitch, it becomes all the more dangerous.

Players are being frozen in place while opening their loadout drop, and in a game where every second matter, it can spell death. Here's how you can fix the Warzone loadout drop freezing glitch.

How to fix Warzone loadout drop freezing glitch

Every so often, after you've called in a loadout drop and attempt to open it, you will be frozen in place, either for several seconds or permanently.

Players who experience this Warzone glitch are sitting ducks, and as a result, will likely get knocked out of the match.

Warzone loadout drop freeze glitch how to fix(Picture: Activision)

On the game's official Trello board, the developer did acknowledge the issue, and it is currently under investigation. There's no set date for an official fix just yet.

However, there is a possible fix to the Warzone loadout drop freeze glitch. Follow the steps below.

  • Load into a Warzone match.
  • While dropping down into the map, open the in-game "Options" menu. 
  • This menu might freeze up, so just wait it out.
  • Close the menu once the freeze ends.
  • Open your loadout drop in-game without the freezing glitch. 

Those who play on Xbox and PlayStation appear to be most affected by this Warzone loadout drop glitch. 

Another possible way of avoiding this glitch is to stand while opening the loadout drop, instead of crouching. 

Hopefully, the developers will release an official fix for those affected with the Warzone loadout drop freezing glitch soon.