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Warzone Pacific will let Gulag survivors keep their weapons

No more looting around dangerous places when you come back from the Gulag.
Warzone Pacific will let Gulag survivors keep their weapons
For almost two years, Call of Duty: Warzone players that made it alive from the depths of the Gulag have had to scavenge all over Verdansk for mostly scraps -- now that's about to change with Warzone Pacific. 

With the impending debut of Caldera, the first new main Warzone map since the free-to-play battle royale released in March 2020, players will get to keep some goods once they make it out of the Gulag.

Warzone players will keep their Gulag guns

gulag warzone pacific
The Gulag will be completely reworked. (Picture: Activision)

Once Warzone Pacific arrives on 8th December for Vanguard owners and 9th December for everyone else, the Gulag we know and love will become less punishing. 

In the latest Activision developer update regarding Warzone Pacific, they confirmed players will get to keep the weapons and equipment they used to win their Gulag firefight with

"Those who survived Iron Trials ’84, the mode where this feature was first tested, may know a pro strategy involving loadout conservation: any ammo and remaining equipment carries over between the Gulag and the redeploy. Deal with the enemy efficiently, and you will have more at your disposal back in Caldera," Activision adds. 

This should definitely help soften the blow of getting sent to the Gulag when you're deep into a match, fully kitted with a perfect loadout, and will all the safe looting spots completely ravaged. 

warzone pacific season 1
Warzone Pacific can't come soon enough. (Picture: Activision)

It might not be ideal, but at least is better than relying on the good old fists to secure an impossible win.

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Feature image courtesy of Activision