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Call of Duty
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Krampus nerfed in Warzone Pacific amid flood of player complaints

Raven Software has listened to player complaints and nerfed the Festive Fervor folklore beast Krampus in Warzone Pacific.
It's been over a week since the Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Festive Fervor holiday event has kicked off, and players were already complaining about the dreaded Christmas folklore beast Krampus ruining their games in Caldera. Many players felt the beast was overpowered and cost them their matches by spawning and hunting them down in the endgame. Followingly, Raven Software came to the rescue, offering respite for the troubled players.

Raven Soft makes Krampus easier to kill in Warzone Pacific

On 21st December, Raven Software responded to the flood of backlash from players, noting that Krampus would no longer spawn after the fourth circle. The Christmas beast's health has also been significantly reduced in Warzone Pacific.

The good news has many players rejoicing, including popular Twitter news source, Modern Warzone, who said, "Thank you so much. Everyone thought we were gonna be stuck with him the way he is until after Christmas."

Other users on Twitter also expressed their gratitude, thanking Raven Software for listening to the Warzone Pacific players' complaints. However, other users were less convinced and continued to slam the developers for the slew of ongoing issues in Warzone Pacific.

Raven Software nerfed Krampus in response to waves of Warzone Pacific player complaints in
Raven Software nerfed Krampus in response to waves of Warzone Pacific player complaints. (Picture: Activision)

"Thanks for what? People on console [are] still struggling with this game crashing every two games," said one user. Another user said, "Why don't you try fixing the game first? [It is] actually unplayable."

A third user pointed to an issue with controller aim assist. In the video, the crosshair was 
1 meter behind the players," yet all the bullets still hit the enemy target. "Fix your game! And take out aim assist from Warzone! [What the frick] is this sh*t," the user said.

While players are fuming about the many console issues still present in Warzone Pacific, at least Christmas won't be ruined by the dreaded folklore beast running players down in their games.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.