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Warzone pro misses $400k tournament after sleeping 15 hours!

Minnesota RØKKR content creator and Warzone pro, Rasim "Blazt" Ogresevic slept for 15 hours straight and missed the $400kWorld Series of Warzone esports event, leaving his partner MuTeX to go solo.
Warzone pro misses $400k tournament after sleeping 15 hours!
Minnesota RØKKR Call of Duty content creator and Warzone pro player Rasim "Blazt" Ogresevic accidentally slept through the USD 400k prize pool World Series of Warzone event, arguably the most important Warzone competition of the year. According to Blazt, he fell asleep at midnight and woke up 15 hours later without waking once.

Warzone pro misses $400K tournament after sleeping 15 hours

Indeed, we've all probably been guilty of oversleeping at some point in our life; however, perhaps not when there was a USD 400k prize pool at stake. In a Twitter post on 19th November, Blazt was blown away by how sleeping for 15 hours straight was even possible.

According to esports reporter Jake Lucky, Blazt's teammate, Charlie "MuTeX" Saouma, was "left to solo against all other teams." In a follow-up tweet, Lucky said that Blazt "will not be allowed to compete for the rest of WSOW" and that he was replaced with a substitute player, "Christophertremb."

Notably, Blast is the father of a young baby, born in July this year, in which case fellow Twitch streamer HollyLive defended him, citing that "babies usually never allow that much sleep, but when they do, our bodies take advantage."

However, Blazt explained that his baby was not the reason for him oversleeping, citing that he didn't set an alarm for the tournament simply because he didn't think he would sleep 15 hours.

warzone pro sleep 15 hours esports event missed
Blazt slept for 15 hours straight and missed the biggest Warzone event of the year. (Picture: MLG)

Subsequently, many other fans slammed Blazt, saying that he should have set an alarm and not let his team down.

"Just set an alarm, bro. You're not the only working parent in the world. There's no excuse for this kind of behaviour. Just straight disrespect for Mutex, all the other players and the organizer," a Twitter user said.

Followingly, MuTeX announced that he has parted ways with Blazt and that he will be "looking for a new duo to compete with for the upcoming Warzone events."


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.