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Warzone Rebirth Keycards - All locations and rewards

There are three Warzone keycards on Rebirth Reinforced: Perseus, Vikhor and Forgotten. Here's where to find them and all rewards they unlock.
Warzone Rebirth Keycards - All locations and rewards

The Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 Reloaded patch update introduced a brand-new Easter Egg vault on the Rebirth Island Reinforced map, offering lucrative rewards for teams or players who successfully unlock it, including Loadout Drop Markers, an Advanced UAV, Specialist Bonus, Munitions Box and $25,000 in Cash.

Naturally, unlocking these rewards will make you extremely powerful early in the game. However, opening the Vault requires that players first find three keycards, Perseus, Vikhor's and The Forgotten Keycards, each located in various parts of Rebirth Island Reinforced.

Where to find all Warzone Keycards on Rebirth Reinforced

As mentioned earlier, there are three keycard locations in Warzone that you will have to find. In summary, Vikhor's Keycard is located in Headquarters, The Forgotten Keycard is located in Bioweapon Labs, and lastly, the Perseus Keycard is located near Nova 6 Factory.

Vikhor's Keycard Location

warzone rebirth vikhor keycard location
You can find Vikhor's Keycard in Headquarters. (Picture: YouTube / MrDalekJD)

You can find Vikhor's Keycard in Headquarters, the original Easter Egg Vault location. The Keycard is located inside the bunker, in the lower deck of Headquarters, on the table by the map. Also, you can find the Red Room Milano Blueprint inside.

The Forgotten Keycard Location

warzone rebirth the forgotten keycard location
You can find The Forgotten Keycard in Bioweapon Labs. (Picture: YouTube / MrDalekJD)

Next, you'll want to head to Bioweapon Labs, on the topmost part of the island. Enter the building from the ground floor and head down the stairs to the lower bunker. Walk to the back of the room to the second Shower.

Next, at the prompt, turn on the Shower. After doing this, the Shower will drop $3,500 in Cash and The Forgotten Keycard.

Perseus Keycard Location

warzone rebirth perseus keycard location
You can find Perseus Keycard near the Nova 6 Factory. (Picture: YouTube / MrDalekJD)

Finally, the Perseus Keycard is located in the building between the Nova 6 Factory and docked ship. Enter from the ground level and go to the main room. Next, look toward the backmost part of the room, and you'll see a glowing item on one of the shelves, the Perseus Keycard.

Vault Location

warzone reinforced keycard rewards
Navigate to the Vault in Stronghold to unlock the rewards of each Warzone Keycard. (Picture: Activision)

Once you have at least one of the Warzone Keycards, you'll need to find the Vault room in Stronghold, located in the southwest part of Rebirth Island Reinforced, while avoiding any confrontation with enemies.

With that said, it might be best to traverse across the map on top of buildings or travel in a vehicle as far as you can before arriving at Stronghold. Once you are inside the area, look for the Communications Tower near the outermost part of the area.

Then, go inside and then enter through the door on your right to discover a secret Vault. Finally, use the Keycard to unlock the vault door and redeem the rewards. Vikhor's Keycard is located in the Vault's centre, while Perseus' and The Forgotten Keycards are situated on the left and right sides, respectively.

warzone easter egg vault location stronghold rebirth keycards
Use the Keycards to open the Vaults in Stronghold. (Picture: YouTube / MrDalekJD)

All Warzone Rebirth Keycard  rewards

We've listed the rewards for unlocking each vault door below.

Vikhor's Keycard Rewards

  • $8,000 in Cash
  • Loadout Drop Marker

The Forgotten Keycard Rewards

  • Munitions Box
  • Loadout Drop Marker
  • Specialist Bonus (Unlocks all Perks)

Perseus Keycard Rewards

  • $10,000 in Cash
  • Advanced UAV (Reveals all enemies for 60 seconds)

Tip: We recommend starting by locating Vikhor's Keycard since you will unlock a solid amount of Cash and Loadout Marker, which will make you extremely strong at the start of the game.

It's also located relatively close to the Vault, and you'll find the Milano Blueprint inside. Otherwise, you could also start with the Perseus Keycard, located nearby.

Thank you to YouTuber MrDalekJD for their walkthrough on the best strategy to acquire all keycards in Warzone's Rebirth Island. We recommend checking out their channel and subscribing if you enjoy their content.


Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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