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Warzone players slam devs for faking the Rebirth Reinforced kill counter

Warzone players are calling cap on Rebirth Reinforced's kill counter for Weapon Trade Station unlocks, saying it's got to be fake.
Warzone players slam devs for faking the Rebirth Reinforced kill counter
Warzone Pacific's latest seasonal update, Season 2 Reloaded, brought several new features to the game, including the Rebirth Reinforced limited-time event, tasking all players to participate in various Community Challenges to unlock exclusive in-game rewards.

While the event has been otherwise favourably received, the recent unlocking of Weapon Trade Stations has left some players suspicious, alleging that developer Raven Software might be artificially inflating the event's Community Challenge targets.

In particular, the challenge required all Operators to get a combined 20 billion kills on Rebirth Island, a target that the Warzone community smashed just days into the event's launch and accolade some players claim is mathematically impossible.

Raven called out for faking Warzone Rebirth Reinforced kills counter

In a recent thread on the COD Warzone subreddit, user DefunctHunk called out Raven Software, saying that the Warzone community can't rack up 10 billion kills in two days.

warzone rebirth reinforced event community challenges kill counter faked
Warzone players claim Raven Software are faking the Rebirth Reinforced Community Challange kill counter (Picture: Activision).

"There's no f*cking way this has happened, right? I'm 100% sure this counter just goes up automatically and isn't tracking actual kills in Rebirth," they said. The user continued, saying, "even if there were [5 million] unique players since the update," it would mean that each player achieved 2,000 kills each on Rebirth Island alone.

Later in the thread, DefunctHunk said they suspect the kill counter "goes up automatically at a predetermined rate" to give the impression that there are more active players in-game and encourage people to play by (and reward them for) contributing toward a common goal.

Another user commented and used basic mathematics to confirm DefunctHunk's suspicions. Assuming 300,000 active players were constantly participating in the event and died at least once per minute, the Redditor speculated it would equal roughly 432 million deaths over 24-hours.

  • Math logic: 300,000 players x (60 min x 24 hr) = 432 million deaths

"That's still under half a billion," the user added. Even if you doubled or quadrupled this figure, it still wouldn't justify the 10 billion kills in two days. "That counter is BS. I think it's damage dealt personally," the user concluded.

A different user added that there's also no chance that Warzone has 300,000 players at any given moment around the world. Others agreed, saying that using 300,000 players as a ballpark figure was too generous.

warzone weapon trade stations unlocked
Weapon Trade Stations are now unlocked in Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded. (Picture: Activision)

Raven Software has not responded to players' criticism; however, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that perhaps they aren't artificially inflating the event's kill counter but instead reporting a different statistic (like damage dealt, for example).

However, in the same breathe, Operators have already traded about 1.8 million weapons within the last few hours of Weapon Trade Stations going live. So all I'm saying is that it seems a bit sus if you ask me.


Featured image courtesy of Activision.