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Warzone S4 Fortune’s Keep Wine Vault - How to Open and Loot List

Here's how you can find and open the hidden Wine Vault in Warzone Season 4's Fortunes Keep and loot the treasures inside.
Warzone S4 Fortune’s Keep Wine Vault - How to Open and Loot List
There is valuable loot waiting to be found on the map of Fortune’s keep in Warzone Season 4. One of these treasures is a hidden Easter Egg inside a Wine Vault that you can loot for some valuable items, and if you're looking to grab it for yourself, then you're in the right place. 

We will be showing you exactly how to open the Fortunes Keep Wine Vault and find the desired loot inside. This is an easter egg, so it requires a little bit of investigating to find, but with our tips, you'll have it cracked in no time.

How to Open Fortune’s Keep Wine Vault 

The new Fortunes Keep map of Warzone Season 4 contains many hidden Easter Eggs that can set you up for victory if you find them early on in the game. The Wine Vault Easter Egg is one of these, but it can be tricky to locate, so let's look at how it's done. 

Warzone S4 Fortune’s Keep Wine Vault How to Open and Loot List Finding Bottles
To open the Vault on Fortunes Keep, players must find two wine bottles. (Picture: YouTube / Geeky Pastimes)
  1. Head to the Terraces POI (Point of Interest) and locate two wine bottles. One can be found on a table outside under the umbrellas, and another can be found in one of the nearby buildings in the kitchen. 

  2. Take the two wine bottles you find to the Keep POI.

  3. Once you are in the Keep, head to the main dining hall where you will find an empty bookshelf, and place the bottles in the bookshelf. 

  4. This will open up the hidden Wine Vault and allow you to loot the items inside. 

Locating and opening the Wine Vault is the easier part of this Easter Egg. The difficulty arises in finding the wine bottles, so just keep your eyes peeled when searching the Terraces and check all the kitchens nearby if you are struggling to find any of them. 

It's also a good idea to be aware of your surroundings as you clear the Wine Vault, as players are likely to be doing the same and could ambush you as you make your way in or out of the vault. So be sure to keep your wits about you as you pick up the loot hidden inside. 

Fortune’s Keep Wine Vault Hidden Loot List

Once inside the vault, you will be able to pick up some rare and useful loot that can set you up well for the rest of the game. Here are the items you'll find inside: 

Warzone S4 Fortune’s Keep Wine Vault How to Open and Loot List Loot items weapons and cash
Inside the Vault players can find cash, Killstreaks, weapon blueprints and more. (Picture: YouTube / Geeky Pastimes)
  • $5000 cash

  • Legendary Combat Shield

  • Legendary Skal Crusher

  • Killstreak

  • 3 weapon blueprints

Although the weapon blueprints and Killstreaks may vary between matches, they e still undoubtedly useful loot pickups that will benefit you when fighting your way through Fortunes Keep. Especially in the early game when resources are slim, and those weapons can do some serious damage. 

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.