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Warzone Season 4 Reloaded Patch Notes - Terminator, Titanium Trials, Rebirth of the Dead, More

The Warzone Season 4 Reloaded Patch Notes are finally here, let's dive into the details of all the new tweaks and changes.
Warzone Season 4 Reloaded Patch Notes - Terminator, Titanium Trials, Rebirth of the Dead, More

Fans around the world are buzzing with excitement for Call of Duty: Warzone as the Season 4 Reloaded Update is set to bring many needed tweaks and changes to the battle royale. Among the important pieces to note, weapon balance changes will certainly catch the attention of many players.

Also included in the patch update is information about the new Terminator crossover content, Titanium Trials, and Rebirth of the Dead. Here are all the details you'll need to know about the Warzone Season 4 Reloaded Patch Notes.

Warzone Pacific Season 4 Reloaded Patch Notes

Warzoone Season 4 Reloaded Patch Notes
Check out all the Warzone Season 4 Reloaded Patch Notes below. (Picture: Activision)


Titanium Trials: Endurance New Event | 11th-24th August

This new Limited-Time Event features eight Challenges for playing Titanium Trials: Endurance. Earn rewards like new Weapon Camos, XP Tokens, a Battle Pass Tier Skip, and progression-based Calling Cards earned for multiple victories.

Complete all eight Challenges below to earn the animated and highly desirable “Liquid Metal” Vanguard Weapon Camo!

  • “Terminated”
    • Challenge
      • Complete 1 execution in Titanium Trials.
    • Reward
      • Battle Pass 2XP Token
  • “They’ll Live”
    • Challenge
      • Revive 10 Players in Titanium Trials: Endurance
    • Reward
      • Weapon 2XP Token
  • “Hasta La Vista, Baby”
    • Challenge
      • Win a Gulag 5 times in Titanium Trials: Endurance
    • Reward
      • Epic “Titanium Chrome” Vanguard Weapon Camo
        • Note: When unlocked, this Camo will appear in the “Event” Camo category
  • “I’ll Be Back”
    • Challenge
      • Achieve a Top 10 finish in Titanium Trials.
    • Reward
      • Uncommon “I’ll Be Back” Progression Calling Card #1
  • “I Know Why You Cry”
    • Challenge
      • Win 1 time in Titanium Trials.
    • Reward
      • Rare “I Know Why You Cry” Progression Calling Card #2
  • “I Sense Injuries”
    • Challenge
      • Win 2 times in Titanium Trials.
    • Reward
      • Epic “I Sense Injuries” Progression Calling Card #3
  • “No Problemo”
    • Challenge
      • Win 3 times in Titanium Trials.
    • Reward
      • Legendary “No Problemo” Progression Calling Card #4
  • "I Need a Vacation"
    • Challenge
      • Win 4 times in Titanium Trials.
    • Reward
      • Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Event Completionist
    • Reward
      • Ultra "Liquid Metal" Vanguard Weapon Camo (Animated)
        • Note: When unlocked, this Camo will appear in the "Event" Camo category.

As part of the Titanium Trials Event, there are 4 additional Titanium Trials victory Challenges, and a further 3 Operator Challenges for playing the Titanium Trials as the T-800 and T-1000.

Read on if you’d like to see how to unlock these rewards…

  • “Thumbs Up”
    • Challenge
      • Win a Titanium Trials victory while dressed as the T-800 Operator.
    • Reward
      • Legendary “Thumbs Up” Animated Calling Card.
  • “Cyberdyne Systems”
    • Challenge
      • Win a Titanium Trials victory while dressed as the T-1000 Operator.
    • Reward
      • Legendary “Cyberdyne Systems” Calling Card.
  • “Terminated”
    • Challenge
      • Killing a Terminator Operator, while dressed as a Terminator Operator.
    • Reward
      • Legendary “Terminated” Calling Card.
  • “I’ll Be Back”
    • Challenge
      • Win 5 times in Titanium Trials.
    • Reward
      • Legendary “I’ll Be Back” Player Title.
  • “Hasta La Vista, Baby”
    • Challenge
      • Win 10 times in Titanium Trials.
    • Reward
      • Legendary “Hasta La Vista, Baby” Player Title.
  • “The Terminator”
    • Challenge
      • Win 15 times in Titanium Trials.
    • Reward
      • Legendary “The Terminator” Player Title.
  • “The Terminator”
    • Challenge
      • Win 20 times in Titanium Trials.
    • Reward
      • Ultra “The Terminator” Progression Calling Card #5 (Animated)
  • “Skynet”
    • Challenge
      • Win 20 times in Titanium Trials.
    • Reward
      • Ultra “Skynet” Vanguard Weapon Camo
        • Note: When unlocked, this Camo will appear in the “Event” Camo category


Rebirth of the Dead New Mode | 27th July - 11th August

For a limited time, the classic Zombie Royale experience is coming back - this time to Rebirth Island but with a twist. 

For those who haven’t played before, here are the core rules:

  • Players become zombies when they die. 
  • Zombies can collect antivirals from crates or dead Players to redeploy as a human.
  • Last team with a human wins.
  • Player Count: 10 squads of four.

But that’s not all. The following additions have been made to the mode:

  • As Zombies are Eliminated, the Infestation Meter fills. When it’s full, all spectators are returned to play as Zombies.Then it all starts again.
  • During the match, Medical Supplies will be parachuted in to help humans and zombies alike.
  • Zombies that perform a Finishing Move on a human will redeploy.
  • Play to get one of two exclusive event Calling Cards;
    • Head Scratcher: Perform your Finishing Move as a Zombie.
    • Last Alive: Win a match of Rebirth of the Dead as a Human.

With the above also comes an ominous fog to Rebirth Island. For a limited time, experience this new mood and atmosphere during Rebirth of the Dead.

One final note: It seems the Golden Vaults have been opened. Who knows what awaits you inside?

Titanium Trials: Endurance New Mode | August 11th through 24th

First there were the Iron Trials – now, inspired by the rise of machines in the near future, it’s time for all Operators to gear up for the Titanium Trials in Caldera.

  • 152 Players on Caldera in a game mode variant of Battle Royale
  • Maximum base armor threshold increased to 300 hit points, for a total of 400 effective health when fully plated
  • Core health is 100HP and regeneration takes significantly longer to heal to full. Armor is everything, afterall. 
  • The Tempered Perk appears more frequently as ground loot for more efficient armor repairs.
  • Each Player begins the game, and returns from the gulag, with a Self-Revive Kit
  • Features a custom-built, thematic loot table to support the higher TTK gameplay, including exceedingly rare Redacted Weapons that are a step more powerful than Loadout Weapons.
  • The cost of Loadouts in Buy Stations begins at a higher price point and decreases over the duration of the match. Be sure to grab your discounted Loadouts as the circle collapses!
  • Updated infiltration cinematic for T-800 and T-1000 Terminator Operators

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed collision issues with various elements across Caldera allowing Players to exploit/peek/shoot through them.

  • Fixed an issue causing Helicopter damage from rotor blades to not be displayed in damage dealt.

  • Fixed an issue causing Players to lose their riot shields when downed in a vehicle.

  • Fixed an issue on Fortune’s Keep where Players were unable to climb/mantle boxes in Sea Caves.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Sten (VG) “Marauder Flash Hider” to have an incorrect name.

  • Fixed an issue causing some MW Weapon Attachments to have incorrect names.

  • Fixed an issue where the Scaled Snipe would cause some Weapons to be unusable when swapping Optic Attachments.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Gravity Inversion Execution to throw downed enemies an incorrect distance.

  • Fixed an issue causing the squad Placement indicator to disappear after pausing and unpausing in Golden Plunder.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the False Prospector Camo from being applied to Weapons.


  • Private Match Support Fortune's Keep
    • With the success of our newest map, Fortune's Keep, the team is working hard to bring the experience to Private Matches.
  • “Cursed Ground” New Special Event | Fortunes Keep
    • Fortune’s Keep is now considered Cursed Ground – and now has a special event to match. There are several “Cursed Chests” hidden around the newly discovered island. These chests contain power-ups and high-quality items which can only be unlocked by brave souls who survive a hungry horde. Once the event begins, Zombies will continuously spawn in the vicinity of the cursed chest. Eliminate them near the chest to harvest Wisps. As your collection grows, more difficult waves of zombies will rise to protect their Cursed Ground. Harvest enough Wisps within the time limit to secure victory and access the rewards within, including Cash, Killstreaks, Equipment, and possibly Perk Tokens.
  • Portable Redeploy Balloon New Deployable | All Modes
    • It’s in the name… a portable version of the popular Redeploy Balloons. Can be placed on the ground and used until it expires or is destroyed.
    • The Portable Redeploy Balloon functions as follows;
      • Has half the health of a normal Redeploy Balloon
      • Has a shorter launch distance of a normal Redeploy Balloon.
      • Will despawn automatically after a short time.
      • Comes with a unique icon identifier on the Tac Map.
      • Can be found in ground loot or as the reward for completing a Supply Drop Contract, as a guaranteed drop from the crate.
  • Bomber Planes (are back!) Returning Feature| Caldera Battle Royale
    • We have enjoyed watching the new Player stories that the Fighter Planes added to Season Four, so we have also re-enabled the Bombers for Battle Royale and will continue to monitor their sentiment and engagement over the season.

Quality of Life

Warzone Pacific Season 4 Reloaded Quality of Life
Warzone Pacific Season 4 Reloaded Quality of Life changes. (Picture: Activision)


  • Teammate Buy Back All Maps & Modes
    • Previously, if a Player had enough money and a redeploy token, the redeploy token would be used before the money. Now, money will be used first.
    • If a Player has a redeploy token and no money, the redeploy token will be spent.
  • Gas Circle Fortune’s Keep
    • The Gas Circle radii size and timings have been rebalanced for faster match pacing. We are going to continue to review data and sentiment as we finetune the Fortune's Keep experience.
  • Radar Jammer Drop Rates Fortune's Keep
    • Reduced Radar Jammer drop rates on Fortune’s Keep to align with the current drop rates on Rebirth Island.
  • Respawn Loadouts Resurgence Modes
    • Updated most Weapons & added new ones into the Resurgence respawn/spawn Loadouts.
  • Armored SUV Nitrous Boost
    • The Armored SUV, first introduced at the beginning of Season Four, now has Nitrous Boost capabilities.
  • Trophy Systems
    • Trophy systems have previously been able to destroy certain Field Upgrades. Moving forward, the Trophy System will only affect Lethals and Tacticals.
  • Legendary Supply Boxes Caldera
    • Legendary (Orange) Supply Box spawn rates have been increased on Caldera.

Previous Adjustments

This work was completed during Season Four but is listed here for comprehensiveness.

  • Weapon Trade Stations Caldera
    • Weapon Trade Stations have been added to various locations across Caldera that allow Players to trade in their Weapons for high value loot.
  • Radar Jammer Radii Rebirth Island & Fortune’s Keep
  • Reduced the radius of the Radar Jammer on Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep.
  • Buy Stations Fortune's Keep
    • Increased the number of Buy Stations available on Fortune's Keep from 10 to 13.
  • Public Events Fortune's Keep
    • The Firesale Public Event will now happen in Circle 3.
    • Cash Extraction Chopper can now appear in Circles 2 and 4.
  • Lootable Perks Fortune's Keep
    • Lootable Perks have been enabled on Fortune's Keep.



  • An important update to this Perk will drop shortly after the mid-season launch.

Tactical Equipment


  • Stick Damage increased to 40, up from 30
    • This change results in reliable down when sticking a target that does not have EOD equipped.



  • Base Weapons from Vanguard Season One through Season Three have been unlocked for all Players.

New Weapons

Warzone Pacific Season 4 Reloaded Vargo-S Assault Rifle
The new Vargo-S: Assault Rifle. (Picture: Activision)
  • Vargo-S: Assault Rifle (VG)
    • Trading firepower for improved accuracy and fire rate, this rifle excels in medium and long-range engagements.

Redacted Weapons

Vanguard Redacted Weapons made their debut at the launch of Fortune's Keep. These Weapons not only include a 10-attachment setup but also contain an exclusive Redacted gun perk!

This Weapon perk is a combination of some of the more desirable gun perks: Fleet, Steady, Perfectionist, Vital, Hardscope, Brace, Spotter, Awareness, Wreck, Mechanic, Fast Melee and Onhand.

Needless to say, a redacted Weapon is an extremely dangerous and highly sought after piece of loot. What's more, you’ll be able to find additional rare Redacted Weapons in Titanium Trials: Endurance!

Recommended Weapons

With nearly 200 Weapons in Warzone, and with so many to choose from it can be difficult to know what the right choice is when returning to the game for a new season. Starting in Season Four Reloaded, Activision will be rolling out a new feature with some Players where select Weapons of each category will be flagged as “Recommended” to help guide toward a Weapon that is currently performing well within its class.

That covers the complete Warzone Pacific Season 4 Reloaded Patch Notes.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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