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All Edgerunners Easter Eggs In Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 and Edgerunners are closely connected with Easter Eggs from the anime added to the game. Here's how to find them.
All Edgerunners Easter Eggs In Cyberpunk 2077

Since Cyberpunk 2077's Edgerunners/1.6 patch update launched in September 2022, players have plunged right back into Night City to explore the new game content. Coinciding with the release of the Edgerunners anime on Netflix, many have stumbled across multiple references and Easter Eggs tying together the anime and video game.

Already bustling with plenty of references and Easter Eggs from other popular media, the current patch update confirms that both Cyberpunk properties are interconnected if they know where to look. This guide details the Edgerunners Easter Eggs and references players can find in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 – All Edgerunners References & Easter Eggs

The events of Edgerunners take place a few years before beginning V's story in Cyberpunk 2077, sharing the same world and stunning Night City locale. The Easter Eggs and references mentioned in this article include weapons, gear, geographical locations, and dialogue in the Edgerunners/1.6 patch update.

David Martinez's Apartment And Jacket

cyberpunk 2077 edgerunners easter eggs guide david martinez apartment santo domingo
David's apartment from Edgerunners can be located in the Santo Domingo district in Cyberpunk 2077. (Picture: YouTube / Morphologis)

The most recognizable Easter Egg is David Martinez's apartment in Arroyo, Santo Domingo district, despite the similarities between David and V's apartments thought to be in the same building. But alas, these are two separate apartment buildings, and should they visit David's apartment at Megabuilding 4, they can also spot the iconic Edgerunners logo sprayed near its entrance.

Near the logo is a trash can where they can pick up the Braindance headset, which plays a segment from the anime. They'll have the option to contact a character, El Capitan, regarding David, which, if they do, wait a while before he responds, and they'll receive a message from Falco too.

cyberpunk 2077 edgerunners easter eggs guide david martinez edgerunners jacket over the edge side quest
David's Edgerunners Jacket from the anime can be acquired through a side quest, "Over the Edge." (Picture: YouTube / TagBackTV)

It will start the side quest, "Over the Edge," which will send V to El Capitan's apartment and head for the rooftop. Sitting on the edge is a gift, and inside they can find David's jacket from the anime they can wear.

Rebecca and Pilar's Apartment

Another location from the anime players can spot in-game is the apartment belonging to siblings Rebecca and Pilar. Located on the Northside in the Watson district, reaching the place should immediately look familiar to Edgerunners fans when spotting the three-story building from the street level.

Head inside the building, reach the first floor, and wrap around the left side to find a door with an access panel beside it. This building is connected to the Gig, Scrolls Before Swine, which gives V complete access to the apartment; completing it will permanently lock them out of the apartment (or until the developer makes it accessible).

Kiwi's Apartment

Speaking of apartments, one that should be recognizable to both Edgerunners and Cyberpunk fans is Kiwi's apartment over at the Kabuki sub-district in Watson. From the Sutter street Fast Travel point, head left towards a giant glass skyscraper, Yaiba Tower, before crossing the street into an alleyway.

cyberpunk 2077 edgerunners easter eggs guide kiwi apartment regina jones base of operations yaiba tower
Regina Jones repurposes Kiwi's apartment as her base of operations in Cyberpunk 2077. (Picture: YouTube / Morphologis)

Find the elevator entrance and head up to the top floor to find Kiwi's apartment, which Regina Jones occupies. She uses this location as her base of operations and can set V up with several quests to complete when visiting her.

Turbo Bar

The hangout location of the Edgerunners in the anime can be found in-game; the Turbo Bar is in Japantown in the Westbrook district, not far from the Megabuilding H8. Its brightly colored neon lights make it easy to spot it, especially at night, but another location from the anime is not far from the bar.

Lucy's Rooftop Apartment

cyberpunk 2077 edgerunners easter eggs guide lucy apartment rocket japantwon
Bask in the beautiful scenic views of Japantown from Lucy's rooftop at her apartment from Edgerunners. (Picture: YouTube / Morphologis)

Head to Megabuilding 8 in Japantown in the Westbrook district to find the building that housed Lucy's apartment from the anime. Unfortunately, they can't access the building, but if they utilize a mod, they can head to the rooftop where various scenes from the anime took place and spot the rocket from the rooftop.

The Couple's Apartment/V's Secret Apartment

If players receive an alternate ending for V, they may acquire Lucy and David's joint apartment, which is at Megabuilding H8, reportedly. While it can be achieved through specific mods, this apartment can be obtained through a secret variation of The Sun ending, and that's as much we're telling.

Afterlife Bar (David's Drink)

The Afterlife Bar is heavily featured in the anime and the game, and it's pretty appropriate that another Easter Egg connects them at this location. Should your heroics be immortalized forever, they will live on in the "afterlife" as an alcoholic beverage, much like David.

Visit the bar and speak with Claire in which you can order a brand new drink, the David Martinez. Those that watched the anime would know that this drink is a shot of vodka "tossed with Cola" should they wish to "aim high and go out with a bang."

cyberpunk 2077 edgerunners easter eggs guide rebecca shotgun guts militech building
Rebecca's gutsy shotgun can be traced to the Militech Building at City Center. (Picture: YouTube / Shark R)

Other Easter Eggs from the Edgerunners anime also appear in-game that we didn't feature prominently. These Easter Eggs can be spotted in the following locations listed below:

  • David's Ripperdoc: Metro: Wollenson Street, Arroyo, Santo Domingo
  • The Jogging Location: Corporation Street, Downtown, City Center
  • Corpo Plaza (Arasaka Tower): Metro: Memorial Park, Corpo Plaza, City Center
  • Rebecca's Shotgun: Militech Building, Metro: Memorial Park, Corpo Plaza, City Center
  • JK's Lab: NID Docks, Northside, Watson
  • Tanaka Driver Gig: Metro: Congress & MLK, Vista del Rey, Heywood
  • The Garage Chop Shop Location: San Amaro Street, Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo

We want to thank the YouTube channel Morphologis for their complete walkthrough of all Edgerunners Easter Eggs in Cyberpunk 2077. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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