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DayZ: How To Build A Gate For Your Fence

Fortify your defenses and protect yourself by using our comprehensive guide on how to make a gate in DayZ.
DayZ: How To Build A Gate For Your Fence

Building a base of operations is an important step for any survivor in DayZ. But what if you want to secure your base even more and prevent the chances of someone walking into your camp and stealing your goods or even killing you while you sleep?

Well, this is where gates come into play, and knowing how to make one will be essential for building a secure base. So below we'll walk you through how to make a gate in DayZ and how it can serve you well as a layer of protection from the dangers you'll inevitably face.  

How Do You Make a Gate for a Fence in Dayz

Gates in DayZ form part of a fence system, so knowing how to make a gate is only useful if you know how to make a fence. To that end, below is a full list of items needed to build both the fence and the gate:

  • Shovel
  • Hammer
  • Hacksaw
  • Hatchet
  • Pliers
  • Wire/Metal wire
  • Sheet metal (optional)
  • Combination lock (optional in single-player but recommended on public servers)
  • x36 nails
  • x18 planks
  • x2 wooden logs
  • x2 short sticks 
  • x1 rope
DayZ How To Make A Gate Items to make a fence and then gate
Below are the items needed to craft a fence and subsequently, a gate. (Picture: YouTube / PeelyRocks The Builder Dayz)

Once you have the above items, you can follow the steps below to create your fence:

  1. Combine 2x Short Sticks with 1x Rope to create a fence kit.
  2. Attach 2x tree logs to the fence kit one by one, then set up the foundation using a shovel or pickaxe. The fence kit will pop back up and can be picked up.
  3. Add 18x planks and 36x nails to the structure. To do this, open your inventory while standing in front of the unfinished fence. You'll see your environment in the left column along with icons for the materials.
  4. Use a hatchet or hammer to build the frame. Two build options will appear: Build Lower Frame and Build Upper Frame. You can start with either one.
  5. Select "Build wooden fence top/bottom" to finish the fence. Be careful not to build a ramp.
DayZ How To Make A Gate once fence is set its simple
Once your fence is set, it's fairly simple to add a gate to it. (Picture: YouTube / PeelyRocks The Builder Dayz)

Now that your fence is all set up, you're ready to build your gate:

  1. Attach the wire to the structure.
  2. Drag the pliers into your hands.
  3. Click and hold the "Build Gate" option to build the gate.

And there you have it, a comprehensive look at how to make a gate in DayZ. The steps may be slightly lengthy and require quite a few resources, but it's well worth your protection. 

One last thing to note is that you can create a metal gate, which simply means swapping out the planks with metal sheets that give the gate more sturdiness. You can also fit a combination lock to your gate for extra protection if you have one. 

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