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How to Rotate Inventory Items in DayZ

In this guide, we'll show you how to effectively manage your inventory by rotating your items in DayZ.
How to Rotate Inventory Items in DayZ

Understanding the basic mechanics and systems in DayZ is vital to your success in the game, and knowing how to manage your inventory is one of these systems. One aspect of managing your inventory is knowing how to rotate your items so that they fit better in your inventory. 

If you're unsure of how to rotate your items in the game and want to know how then you're in the right place. Below we'll show how to quickly and easily rotate your items in DayZ. 

How Do You Rotate Inventory Items in Dayz

Because the storage space is limited in DayZ, knowing how to rotate items to fit more efficiently and squeeze as many items into your bag is vital to your survival, especially when you're out in the world and come across useful items that you want to take back to your home base. So let's take a look at how to rotate items for PC players. 

DayZ How To Rotate Items Instructions below
Rotating items in DayZ is quite simple as explained below. (Picture: YouTube / Sorin Turcu)

To rotate your items, simply open up the inventory and select the item you want to rotate. From there, simply press hand hold LMB (Left Mouse Button) and hit the space bar to rotate the item to either a vertical or horizontal orientation. 

Doing so on PC is fairly simple as you can see above, but unfortunately, this mechanic has yet to come to PlayStation or Xbox versions of the game. This is understandable given that the Console port of the game still has some issues to resolve in comparison to its PC counterpart, but it's likely it will be implemented soon. 

DayZ How To Rotate Items Uses for rotation
Rotating your items is vital for fitting as many items into your inventory as possible. (Picture: YouTube / Sorin Turcu)

But that's everything you need to know to rotate your items in DayZ, which will help make your inventory management much easier and more efficient. This is especially vital for later on in the game when exploration, base building, and resource collecting become more pressing factors in your game. 

For now, be sure to collect as many resources as you can, and use the item rotation mechanic built into the game to fit in as much as possible. And don't forget you can always drop items that you don't need; a useful tip for when you come across good loot from a downed player or item cache in the open world. 

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