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DayZ - How Long Does It Take For Loot To Respawn

Choose the best moments to go raiding for items and gear with our guide on how long the loot respawn time is in DayZ.
DayZ - How Long Does It Take For Loot To Respawn

Collecting items and resources is a cornerstone of the gameplay loop of DayZ. Collecting loot and other miscellaneous items will not only allow you to survive increasingly harsher conditions but also gives you more variety in terms of gameplay since some items and loot are used for crafting and base building. 

This has led many to wonder whether the loot items in DayZ respawn, and how long it takes for that to happen. So to help anyone else asking this same question, this article will be taking a look at how long it takes for loot to respawn in DayZ. 

How does DayZ loot spawning work?

To put your mind at ease, we first want to go over the fact that loot items in DayZ do in fact respawn, but they depend on a few factors. These are mainly, whether all the items within a house are picked up and whether the player is a specific distance from the house or loot location

DayZ How Long It Takes For Loot To Respawn the average time
The average respawn time for loot in DayZ is roughly 10 minutes. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

Let's cover the first criterion, regarding whether the items have all been picked up. Because each building in DayZ functions as its own "container" of sorts, the logic is that once all the items have been picked up in the building, the loot inside will respawn after 10 real-world minutes.

However, this is where the second point comes in, player distance from the building. The respawn timer for every building will only begin ticking down once all items have been removed, but also only once the player is 30m to 120m away from the building. 

DayZ How Long It Takes For Loot To Respawn Clear area and items
Clear the area of items and other players for the 10-minute-respawn time to kick in. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

This means if you find a building and want the loot to respawn, you'll have to clear out the building for items and get at least 30m away to start the 10-minute respawn timer. Luckily, once this time begins counting down, the respawn is guaranteed. So even if another player wanders past, it won't disturb the 10-minute respawn time. 

However, it's worth stating that all players need to clear the 30m minimum distance for the respawn time to start. If any other players are near the building the timer won't start, so basically you'll need to clear the area of any strangers if you want a specific building's loot to respawn. 

So there you have it, simply maintain a safe distance from the building and make sure it's clear of items to begin the 10-minute loot respawn time in DayZ, and you'll be clear and free to claim all the loot you want. 

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