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DayZ Flag Pole: How To Build, Kit Recipe, Radius and More

Mark your territory using this comprehensive guide on how to make a Flag Pole in DayZ.
DayZ Flag Pole: How To Build, Kit Recipe, Radius and More

Setting up your base of operations in DayZ is important for numerous reasons, as it allows you and your gear to remain safe while inside, and gives you a haven to return to when you're in a pinch. One aspect of your base will be constructing and raising a flagpole, which is important for more than just aesthetic reasons. 

If you want to know more about the flagpole and how to create one in the game, then this guide has you covered. Below we; 'll show you how to make a flagpole in DayZ as well as highlight its importance in the game. 

How Do You Build A Flag Pole In DayZ

As mentioned previously, flagpoles aren't just for aesthetic reasons to show your enemies that they're entering your base. While they do serve that purpose too, their real value lies in what happens when they are placed down. 

DayZ How To Craft A Flag Pole Uses in the game for no disappearing items
Flag Poles are vital for your home base as they stop items in the vicinity from disappearing. (Picture: YouTube / Gnobby)

Placing down a flagpole in DayZ anchors all the items in a 60-meter radius, meaning that any items around you won't disappear over time unless you pick them up. Crafting flagpoles is fairly complex, but mainly because the resources required are hard to come by. So to begin you'll need the:

  • Sledgehammer
  • Pickaxe or shovel
  • Hatchet or hammer
  • 10x logs 
  • 32x (large) stones
  • 60x nails
  • 3x short sticks
  • 2x ropes
  • 1x metal wire
  • 1x flag

Once you have all of these items you can begin setting up the flagpole. First, combine x3 short sticks and x1 rope, and then while holding them in your hand, search for the flagpole kit recipe, then place it down where you want the flagpole to be.

DayZ How To Craft A Flag Pole Crafting items
Once you have the flagpole kit recipe, you can place it down and start digging out the base. (Picture: YouTube / Gnobby)

Next, you can add one log and use the sledgehammer to set up the base of the pole. Next, you'll need to set the foundation of the flagpole by adding the raw materials (x32 large stones and x6 wooden logs) to your base and then digging up around the base to construct its base completely.

Next, you'll be ready to insert the flag pole which will require the following items: 

  • 60x nails,
  • 1x metal wire
  • 1x rope
  • 3x wooden logs

Head over to the base of your flagpole and select your hatchet or hammer to finish building the pole. Lastly, you'll need to find a flag to place on your pole, which can be found in the following locations on the map: 

DayZ How To Craft A Flag Pole Flag locations
The flag itself can be found in school or office areas. (Picture: YouTube / Gnobby)
  • General Store
  • Pub
  • School
  • Transit Bus Wreck
  • Ada 4×4 Wreck
  • Small Office
  • Big Office
  • City Hall
  • Transit Bus Wreck

Take the flag back to your flagpole and hoist it up to finish the construction of your flag. Be aware that the flag will lower over time as a balancing mechanic, so be sure to check on it periodically and hoist it to ensure your items and gear stay put in your base. 

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