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Where to Find the M79 Grenade Launcher in DayZ

Get your hands on some real firepower as this guide shows you how to get the M79 Grenade Launcher in DayZ.
Where to Find the M79 Grenade Launcher in DayZ

DayZ features tons of useful weapons that any survivor can use to protect themselves, hunt down other players, or even as an item to trade with other players. One weapon, the M79 grenade launcher, is considered one of the best weapons added to the game in recent years, in part due to its firepower and high value, but how do you get your hands on one? 

If you're looking to get this weapon for yourself to blow up enemy campers, or just for protecting your base from invaders, then keep reading. Below we'll give you a comprehensive look at how to find the M79 Grenade launcher location in DayZ. 

DayZ M79 Grenade Launcher Location

The M79 Grenade Launcher is a highly sought-after weapon in DayZ, but its random spawning locations make it difficult to find. However, with some persistence and knowledge of the game's mechanics, players can increase their chances of acquiring one. 

DayZ M79 Grenade Launcher Location Rare item and finding it
Because the M79 falls under the unique items in the game, its location is quite tricky to pinpoint, but not impossible. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

By delving into the game's files, dedicated fans and data miners have discovered that the Rocket Launcher and other weapons added in the 1.18 patch are marked as "unique" items. This means that they only spawn in buildings that share the same tag, making them even more elusive, and unfortunately, the M79 falls part of this category. 

However, armed with this knowledge, players can focus their search efforts on buildings with the "unique" tag to increase their chances of finding one of these rare weapons.

DayZ M79 Grenade Launcher Location Military Bases
The M79 Grenade Launcher will more likely spawn in Military bases and facilities. (Picture: YouTube / Infinite Zest)

When it comes to the M79 Grenade Launcher, the potential spawn locations for it are in unique locations such as abandoned Military Locations as well as Military Train Wrecks. These share the "unique" tag and are likely to coincide with the unique tag found on the M79. 

To help you find these locations, try using the DayZ interactive map to chart a course for the military installments. However, be sure to prepare for battle as it's likely other players will also be hunting for this powerful weapon. 

DayZ M79 Grenade Launcher Location Uses and Benefits
It's worth finding the M79 due to its ability to control crowds and easily take out raiding players. (Picture: YouTube / Infinite Zest)

However, finding the grenade launcher is well worth it when you consider its attributes. The M79 sports various kinds of ammo, such as Explosives, Gas, and smoke in several colors such as White, Red, Green, and Black. 

And with its default ammo being able to blow away large groups of infected, the M79 Grenade Launcher is worth the risk to find as it will serve you well against groups of enemies, infected, and raids.

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Where to Find the M79 Grenade Launcher


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