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Is DayZ Good On The Steam Deck?

Take your survival experience with you as this article discusses whether DayZ is good on the Steam Deck.
Is DayZ Good On The Steam Deck?

While it's safe to say that DayZ has been a massive success on PC, as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles more recently, some fans are wondering how it runs on the Steam Deck. Offering players some more versatility and portability, it's no surprise that many want to try this game while on the go, but is it any good?

Well, that's what this guide is here to answer, as we will delve into what many are saying about whether DayZ is good on the Steam Deck. So without further delay, let's jump right in. 

DayZ - Is it good on the Steam Deck?

With many fans now trying out DayZ on the Steam Deck, the responses have been largely positive, to say the least. Aside from the fact that players can now enjoy the game pretty much anywhere, the flexibility seems to be a large point of pleasure for many gamers. 

DayZ Is It Good On Steam Deck According to fans yes
According to many fans, DayZ is a solid game to play on the Steam Deck. (Picture: Reddit / Greuss)

As one Reddit user u/aaanze put it "It took me 1 hour to patiently build the controller mapping I needed. It's just a wonder. It's beautiful, runs great, and man, taking DayZ with you everywhere, I'm living the dream." Many other players are also praising the flexibility of the game and how easy and fun the game is to play from anywhere with personalized controls, thanks to the Steam Deck.

But of course, there are always some downsides to any good situation. DayZ has a thriving modding community, with many players enjoying heavily modified servers. However, it is currently unclear whether these mods are compatible with the Steam Deck, which may be a reason why the game is not officially supported on the platform. 

DayZ Is It Good On Steam Deck Good but mods are giving issues
DayZ works well on the Steam Deck, but many fans have issues with modding the game servers. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

Some players have reported being able to play lightly modded servers without issues, while others have experienced problems with mods not working and the game indicating that they are corrupted, with the repair function being ineffective.

While some players have had success with modding using the Steam Workshop, others have had to find alternative methods to get their heavily modded servers to work. Fortunately, there are workarounds available to make modded servers function on the Steam Deck, which can be accessed by checking out DZGUI and DZTUI.

DayZ Is It Good On Steam Deck Future updates and improvements
While DayZ has its issues on the Steam Deck, the future will definitely bring more and more improvements. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

It's good to note that the game is listed as "Unsupported" by the Steam Deck compatibility check (likely due to some software conflicts and is likely the reason for the mod issues many players face). But you can still play it while it's tagged as unsupported. 

So even with its flaws, it appears that DayZ is still extremely well-liked on the Steam Deck platform. And while it does face some issues, they are likely being worked on and will make playing DayZ on the Steam Deck more and more appealing. 

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