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How to Cure Sickness in DayZ

Survive the threat of disease with our guide on how to cure any illness in DayZ.
How to Cure Sickness in DayZ

Although DayZ presents numerous risks to one's well-being, such as hostile players and zombie attacks, it's important to acknowledge other potential dangers. One such threat is sickness, and understanding how to treat it is essential for your continued survival in the game.

If you don't know how to cure sickness in the game or just want more information regarding this, then you're in the right place. Below we'll show you how to cure sickness in DayZ. 

How to Get Rid of Sickness in Dayz

It's first important to note that there are various kinds of sicknesses in DayZ and depending on the one your survivor happens to contract will determine the meds needed to cure it (if it is curable). So below we've listed all the possible sicknesses in DayZ and how to cure them. 

DayZ How To Cure Illness listed below
Below is a list of all illnesses and their cures in DayZ. (Picture: YouTube / AlwaysStreams)
  • Cholera/Water Sickness - Survivors catch this by drinking contaminated water or by drinking and eating with bloody hands. To combat this, players will need to use Tetracycline Pills. 
  • Influenza - This can be caught by excessive rain or cold exposure. To cure it, players will need to use Tetracycline Pills. 
  • The Common Cold - This is caught when players are both wet and cold. There are two ways of curing it, either with Tetracycline or by letting your survivor naturally heal by staying warm, though this takes much longer. 
  • Salmonella - Caught through eating uncooked or raw meats. Can be cured by using Charcoal Tablets.
  • Chemical Poisoning - Survivors will catch this illness when they consume either alcoholic tinctures, gasoline, or disinfectant sprays. To cure it, you'll need to consume Charcoal Tablets. 
  • Heart Attacks - When the survivor takes heavy damage or loses a lot of blood rapidly it can lead to a heart attack. To prevent this, players need to use an Epinephrine Auto-Injector.
  • Brain Disease - This is caused when players consume raw human meat (not the best idea). This illness can't be cured and will only resolve itself if your survivor dies. 
  • Hemolytic Reaction - When you get incompatible blood into your system you'll develop a Hemolytic Reaction. This isn't curable and while it's not deadly, it does affect you for a long time and can make you more vulnerable to other forms of death. 
DayZ How To Cure Illness be sure to stock up
Be sure to stock on medical supplies to ensure you can survive most of the illnesses in the game. (Picture: YouTube / AlwaysStreams)

And there you have it, a fully comprehensive list of how to cure every disease in DayZ. Be sure to stockpile medical supplies if you can, and avoid the cold and rain to ensure your survival. 

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