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How to Make Bandages in DayZ

Heal your wounds or craft new items using our guide on how to make rags and bandages in DayZ.
How to Make Bandages in DayZ

To survive the harsh and punishing world of DayZ, players will need to ensure that they have the equipment and gear necessary for any situation. And when it comes to keeping your survivor healthy, rags and bandages will be your bread and butter. 

But how does one make these items and where can you find them if crafting isn't an option? Well, that's where this guide has you covered, as we'll be explaining how to make bandages and rags in DayZ as well as some other useful tips for finding these crucial healing items. 

How To Make Rags In DayZ

First off, let's discuss how rags are made in DayZ, as they are the easiest to come by and are the most versatile items used for healing and crafting other items such as splints and fires. The first step is to find any kind of clothing, whether it be a hoodie or some old clothes you find in buildings.

DayZ How To Make Bandages And Rags Crafting from clothes
Rags are crafted by ripping up clothing and fabrics. (Picture: YouTube / AmishZed)

Once you have a piece of clothing, place it into your hands using the inventory, and then drag a knife across the clothing to reveal the "Tear into Rags" option. Hold down the button to do so and the clothing item will be destroyed while creating rags in the process. 

The clothing items you use need to be unequipped, or on the ground and empty to tear into rags. Once you have ragas, they can be used to dress wounds and stop bleeding, similar to bandages. And players should note that using dirty rags can lead to infection, so be sure to disinfect your rags with Alcoholic or Iodine Tincture.

How To Make Bandages From Rags

Speaking of, let's move on to the bandages in the game. These unfortunately can't be created in the game, unlike the rags. The bandages are medical items and can only be found by looting specific areas in the game, and unlike bandages, don't need to be disinfected before use. 

DayZ How To Make Bandages, cannot be made but rather looted
Bandages aren't found but are rather looted from medical buildings and specific infected. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

You can find bandages inside First Aid Pouches mainly, and these can be found in hospital buildings, clinics, and so forth. Paramedics and Nurse type Infected can also carry bandages in their inventory, but normal infected can also carry them, so be sure to drop infected for their possible bandages if you see any. 

Bandages are also applied in the same way rags are, by simply equipping them and holding down the use button to close up and nurse your wounds. But ultimately both rags and bandages are useful for preventing your death, so be sure to collect as many of them as you can. 

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