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Best DayZ Loot Locations In 2023

To survive in DayZ, it is extremely important to know the locations you need to loot. So here's the best loot locations and routes in DayZ.
Best DayZ Loot Locations In 2023

DayZ is a zombie survival game that was released in 2013 by Bohemia Interactive, but even after all these years, it's still important to know where to find the best loot. After all, Bohemier Interactive can update the game as much as they want, but having all the weapons and tools to survive and defend yourself from the dead and living is all that matters.

Naturally, the best way to do this is to know where to loot in DayZ and if you stick around too long in coastal areas where you spawn at first, you are likely to get killed. The reason for this is that most of the coastal areas only include Tier 1 gear and since it is a spawn area there are lots of players.

Ultimately, you'll need to venture further in-field, but before you do, you might want to read out guide to the best loot locations in DayZ, which we're sure will come in handy.

The Best Loot Locations In DayZ

Kamenka Military Base

Dayz Kamenka Military Base Location
Image Source: iZurvive DayZ Map

The area with Kamenka has Tier 2 loot, so you are unlikely to find decent loot in the city. You can loot this Kamenka if you have necessities like water, a backpack, and food. You can also find Military Convoys in Kamenka, these convoys are not always in the same place and change their location randomly. These convoys contain a good amount of military equipment and you can find Military Zombies.

After you pass the Kamenka you can proceed to the West from the main road (The beach should be on your left side). After a while you will see a Military Base, it doesn't have a name but is often referred to as Kamenka Military Base due to its proximity to Kamenka.

There are 5 military tents here and you are likely to get some clothing upgrades and decent loot here. However, there are lots of zombies and players in this area. If you don't see any zombies nearby proceed carefully because there might be other players near the area.

Myshkino Military Base

DayZ Myshkino Military Base Location
Image Source: iZurvive DayZ Map

Turn back where you came from after looting the Kamenka Military Base and proceed to the North by following the train rails (The beach should be on your back). After traveling for a long time you will reach a city called Zelenogorsk. This area contains Tier 3 loot and you can loot this city if you need food, drink, etc.

After you are done here, follow the train tracks again, which will take you first to the West and then to the North. While following these tracks you may see Train Wrecks, these are random events just like Military Convoys.

After a while, you will see a military base consisting of 8 military tents and 2 military containers on your right. It is called Myshkino Military Base and it contains Tier 3 loot, so you are likely to find better loot than in the previous military base you have looted.

Tri Kresta

Dayz Tri Kresta Location
Image Source: iZurvive DayZ Map

Once you're done with Myshkino Military Base, start following the train tracks North again and the train tracks will start heading to the right after crossing the second bridge. When the tracks turn to the right you can see Krona Castle in the distance, once you see it turn left and start running up the hill.

After a while, you will find the Tri Kresta Military Base. This military base has the best loot in the game as it contains Tier 4 loot.

Krona Castle

DayZ Krona Castle Location
Image Source: iZurvive DayZ Map

You can loot Krona Castle after looting Tri Kresta or before you even get there. In Krona Castle you can find plenty of hunting rifles and bullets. Apart from that you can also find industrial items.

Krona Castle is also a great place to build a base, so be cautious when proceeding in this area.

Tisy Military Base

DayZ Tisy Military Base Location
Image Source: iZurvive DayZ Map

Tisy Military Base contains some of the best loot you'll find in DayZ, but it's also extremely dangerous for exactly this reason. This area is one of the most active PvP areas in the game, and with Tier 4 loot, many players want to loot it.

To find this area, head North after you finish in the Tri Kresta area. However, Tisy Military Base can be a bit more difficult to find than the others, so you can use the iZurvive map to find your way around easily.

Tisy Military Base contains 16 military tents and 6 military containers, and considering that these loots are Tier 4, you can leave here very satisfied.

How To Find The Best Loot Locations In DayZ?

Tier distribution of loot of locations in DayZ
Image Source: iZurvive DayZ Map

There are many loot areas in DayZ with very good loot, but we can't cover them all in one article. The map is just too big! The 5 areas we've covered in this guide can be visited pretty soon after you've spawned. So it's a great place to get your hands on some good gear from the start.

However, if you want to look for the best places to loot, the map in DayZ is divided into Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 loot zones, with Tier 4 containing the best loot. You can use the iZurvive interactive map, or the one above, to see these zones and understand the locations more easily.

And that completes our DayZ Best Loot Locations guide, thank you very much to the YouTube channel SeanK1 for the information he helped us with. If you want a more visual guide to finding the best loot in DayZ, you can check out SeanK1's video guide, just below.

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