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How To Find Mime And Carnival Masks In DayZ

Here's how to find the new mime and carnival masks added to DayZ so you can get your hands on this cosmetic for yourself.
How To Find Mime And Carnival Masks In DayZ

DayZ update 1.20 is live, and with it comes with a ton of new bug fixes for DayZ. The patch also includes notable new content, including mime masks and carnival masks for your DayZ character! While these mime and carnival masks are new to DayZ, you might be wondering where to get your hands on them. In this article, we'll explain how to get the new mime and carnival masks in the new DayZ update.

How To Find The New Mime And Carnival Mask In DayZ

Carnival masks dayz
New carnival and mime masks are available in the newest DayZ update. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

The mime and carnival masks were added to DayZ in update 1.47. There is one mime mask with several different variants of the carnival masks in different colors.

If you're wondering where to get them, just head to one of the three amusement parks around the map and go to the Lunapark canopy tents.

Lunapark canopy tents can only be found in the game's amusement parks, so you'll definitely know you're in the right place if you spot them!

Mime and carnival masks are an exciting new cosmetic in DayZ, but the developers say they won't be the last new addition by a long shot.

“Character cosmetics will play a huge role in every update this year. We’d like to grow what is already a massive collection by increasing the variety of loot to be found and offering even more amazing clothes to wear," the team stated in a recent blog post on their site.
"Don’t expect us to follow other popular games with an abundant amount of pink skins. Think backpacks and survival themes and outfits that exemplify the DayZ brand.”

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