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DayZ Frostline DLC: Release Window, Maps Size, New Features News and More

Below, we'll explore the details, release date, content features, and more for the upcoming DayZ Frostline DLC, where a new frozen landscape awaits us.
DayZ Frostline DLC: Release Window, Maps Size, New Features News and More
Bohemia Interactive

DayZ has maintained its position as one of the most popular open-world survival titles over the last decade. While the game's survival elements are considered the cornerstone of its appeal, numerous expansions have been introduced over time to bring new and exciting content, ensuring its freshness. One such expansion, the Frostline DLC, is on the horizon, sparking curiosity among players eager to learn more about it.

Well, look no further, as we have compiled all the publicly available details surrounding this DLC below. So let's dive deep and explore the release date, new maps, mechanics, and content coming to DayZ with the Frostline DLC.

19 June 2024 - We've checked for new information about the DayZ Frostline DLC

DayZ Frostline DLC Release Date and Time

There is no official release date for the DayZ Frostline DLC yet, but according to the DayZ Frostline DLC Steam page, it is slated for a Fall 2024 release window. The DLC will be available on both current-gen consoles and PCs, and it will also be fully supported on previous-gen consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One).

DayZ Frostline DLC Release Date
The DayZ Frostline DLC is slated to be released in the Fall of 2024, but no exact release date has been provided yet. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

While the cost of the DLC has not been set, based on the prices of previous DLCs and expansions, we expect it to be around $13.99. This might change once the official launch details are released, and we will update you accordingly.

DayZ Frostline DLC's New Map: Sakhal

The Frostline DLC introduces a map called Sakhal, featuring a massive 83 square kilometer terrain with a winter-themed biome. This includes frozen lakes, snow-covered forests, and mountains extending to a dangerous but beautiful volcanic range surrounded by sulfur pools and volcanic cones. The map also has industrial areas, from small fishing ports to large factories and mines to explore.

DayZ Frostline DLC New map Sakhal
The Frostline DLC will introduce the new Sakhal map which sports a winter-themed environment that will push players to survive its beautiful but dangerous landscape. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

Players will face harsher weather conditions that need to be accounted for, showcasing the graphical improvements coming with the 1.25 update launching alongside this DLC. The original two maps, Chernarus and Livonia, will still be available if the new map proves too challenging initially.

DayZ Frostline DLC Gameplay and Features

As a fully-fledged expansion for DayZ, Frostline introduces a large quantity of new gameplay mechanics and features aimed at providing a brand-new survival experience. The frigid environment will emphasize temperature management, where players must monitor their warmth to avoid diseases. Getting wet will also drop your temperature, increasing the risk of sickness.

DayZ Frostline DLC Gameply Fetures and mechanic
The DLC will introduce tons of new mechanics from a new fishing system, more advanced temperature management, and even some new enemies that roam the snowy landscapes. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

The environment can be fatal, with frostbite in colder areas and burns from the volcanic side of the map making survival even harder. Players will also face new enemies, such as wolves in the mountains and forests, in addition to the existing zombies, bandits, and other players.

Non-threatening wildlife, such as reindeer and arctic hares, will be available for hunting, with more likely to be revealed. The fishing mechanic will be reworked, and new features like freezing items to preserve them and visiting hot springs to soothe your aching body will be added.

This is not an exhaustive look at all the content coming to the new DLC, as much of it has not been announced yet. However, as new information is revealed, whether about the release date or additional content, you can be sure to find it here and in our dedicated DayZ section, and stay tuned for more updates!

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