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DayZ 1.20 Update: 2023 Release Date Confirmed, Leaks & Everything We Know So Far

Below we'll be taking a look at the possible release date and features of the DayZ 1.20 update.
DayZ 1.20 Update: 2023 Release Date Confirmed, Leaks & Everything We Know So Far

The multiplayer-only survival video game DayZ, developed and published by Bohemia Interactive, has been around for many years. It launched back in 2013, but in 2023 it continues to enthrall fans, and that's in no small part to the constant release of new updates to the game.

Small tweaks, modifications, and content additions arrive with each new update, which normally release every couple of months after a period of testing the test servers.

On this page, we're taking a look at the next big patch coming to the game, in the shape of Update 1.20. Read on for everything you need to know about the next update, including it's potential release date, new features, and much more.

15 February 2023 - We've checked for the latest news and leaks relating to the upcoming DayZ Update 1.20 patch.

Latest News

15 February 2023 - DayZ 1.20 is live, but having a few problems on console

Seems some players on console are having a few issues with combining or crafting items.

This could be a glitch introduced with the 1.20 update.

Thankfully, it seems like there's a workaround in place for the time being, (see below).

14 February 2023 - 1.20 Update Releasing Today

The new DayZ 1.20 Update is now available across all platforms. If you want to have a read of the official DayZ patch notes you find them by following the link.

You can also find a proper teaser for the new update, just below:

9 February 2023 - 1.20 Update Release Date Confirmed

The DayZ 1.20 Update will be released across all platforms (PC, Xbox and PlayStation) next week on Valentine's Day, February 14.

8 February 2023 - New Update 1.20 Highlights

Still not caught up with everything new in DayZ Update 1.20? No problem, the devs have pulled together a handy highlights video for all the big new features.

If you'd rather skip to a specific section, here are the main timestamps:

  • 0:19 - Important note on 1.20 Stability Update
  • 1:51 - Weight System Changes & Reworks
  • 4:27 - Additional Sound Changes
  • 5:54 - New Indicators for Server Connectivity
  • 8:43 - Peeking Exploit with 3rd Person Camera
  • 11:08 - Fixes on the vehicles
  • 14:47 - Fixes on Basebuilding
  • 16:05 - Changes on the Focus Zoom
  • 17:58 - Changes on Environments
  • 19:10 - Additional Content: A Variety of Masks
  • 21:53 - Totally non-scripted highly organic PVP fight 
1 February 2023 - New Update 1.20 Wallpaper, Anyone?

There might not be any further updates on the 1.20 Update itself, but Bohemier has released the brand new 1.20 wallpaper for your screen if you want it...

19 January 2023 - DayZ Update 1.20 is now live on experimental

The DayZ 1.20 Update has now been deployed on PC and Xbox Experimental servers.

DayZ Patch Notes are also available too.

18 January 2023 - DayZ Update 1.20 Recap

Right, so the developer live stream from Adam Franců (Creative Lead) and Matěj Smrček (Marketing & Brand Manager) covered quite a lot of information.

Thankfully, Fresh Spawns on YouTube has made this handy youtube short that covers all the main details you need to know. 

The update is likely rolling out in the next few days, so keep an eye out for that.

17 January 2023 - Developers ready to share new update 1.20 details

Adam Franců (Creative Lead) and Matěj Smrček (Marketing & Brand Manager) will be hosting a livestream on tomorrow (18 January 2023) at 4pm GMT.

22 December - North West Airfield Rework Discussion

How will Bohemia Interactive rework the North West Airfield? YouTuber Marks has a few ideas...

23 November - DayZ devs confirm 'rough' 1.20 update release time

The DayZ devs have jumped on a twitch stream this week and it was confirmed (along with plenty more details) that Update 1.20 will not arrive until 2023. So we've got a bit of a wait on our hands.

We suggest in the meantime watching the video below from DayZ content creators Marks, who has also rounded up all the other juicy details from the twitch stream, including:

  • The 2022 Christmas event
  • 2023 Roadmap news
  • Updates on vehicles & bosses
  • and much more!

DayZ - Update 1.20 Release Date

23 November UPDATE - Bohemia Interactive has confirmed on a Twitch stream that 1.20 will be the first patch of 2023. So it's not coming this year.

As mentioned previously, we don't have an exact date nailed down for the 1,20 update of DayZ, but we can take a guess based on the previous release schedules. This leads us to believe that the 1.20 update will roll out in late November or early December 2022.

This release date speculation is based on the previous update's release windows in 2021, where there were five updates (1.11 through to 1.15), and the last one was released in November of 2021. We were also promised five updates this year and have only received four so far, making it likely that 1.20 would be on its way. 

However, many fans are skeptical as most updates were teased by the developers beforehand, with hints dropped on their social media and hype being built for each update. But since we can't confirm or deny it just yet, we'll just have to wait and see. 

DayZ Update 1.20 Release Date Features And More Later this month or early December
We suspect that the DayZ 1.20 update will arrive in late November or early December. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

DayZ - Update 1.20 Features

When it comes to features, there are tons we can speculate on based on previous years' updates and what the community surrounding DayZ has been asking for. The end of 2021 saw the AUX (AUG) and LeMas (Famas) added to the game, which was accompanied by various bug fixes and adjustments to the loot economy.

The scope would probably be similar if update 1.20 was released in 2022 because we might see the return of weapons that players have been requesting as well as some general changes made to the game.

DayZ Update 1.20 Features And More Main weapons and content
The 1.20 content will likely include content updates such as new weapons or general improvements. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

As fans enjoyed them in the past, the Red 9 pistol (Mauser c96), the MP-133, or the RAK-MP are potential weapons that might return. There may also be many minor additions, such as new clothing or items. However, rather than focusing on the expansion, update 1.20 may instead be aimed at improving DayZ as a whole.

For now, that's all we know about the possible DayZ 1.20 update. Be sure to check back here soon once more is known and the update is released, as we'll be breaking that down in full detail and get you up to speed. 

For more on the game, check our section dedicated to the latest video game news, guides, features, and more.

Featured image courtesy of Bohemia Interactive.

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