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How Do You Make A Splint In DayZ

This guide will get you back on your feet as we explain how to craft a splint in DayZ.
How Do You Make A Splint In DayZ

Splints are one of the essential healing items in DayZ as they can turn a dour situation into a survivable one if you have a splint on your person. If you need to know how to make one so you're prepared for any broken limbs, then this guide has you covered. 

Below, we'll show you how to make a Splint in DayZ and ofcrouse touch on its uses in the game and how it can save your life in tough situations. So without further delay, let's jump right in. 

How to Craft a Splint in Dayz

Similar to real life, splints are used in DayZ when a player receives a fracture to their legs in combat or when exploring, and sets the bone in place, allowing it to heal faster. This is reflected in-game by way of fractures healing in 15 minutes as opposed to 30 minutes without one. 

DayZ How To Make A Splint instructions to make splint
Below are the instructions to craft a splint in DayZ. (Picture: YouTube / Nitno)

Crafting the splint isn't too tricky, and luckily there are two ways that you can craft one in the game depending on the resources you have on hand. The first method requires 3 rags and 2 wooden sticks, and the second method requires a full roll of bandages and 2 wooden sticks. 

To craft the splint, simply combine the rags or bandages with the sticks, and then scroll through your recipes until you find the 'Craft a splint" option. From there simply craft it, and it's ready to be placed on your broken leg. 

DayZ How To Make A Splint Uses and advantages
Splints are vital for when you've fractured your leg and need to get to a safer place to heal. (Picture: YouTube / Nitno)

This is easy to do as well, as all you need to do is hold the splint in your hand and use the "Fix Fracture" option that pops up on the screen. From there, you'll be all set and ready to take on the world of DayZ once more. 

The splint is vital regardless of where you are or how you got it as it allows you to not only recover faster, but when the splint is placed you can walk at normal speed (as opposed to the sluggish pace you have with a broken leg). This removes the chance of you going into shock and blacking out, but it also gives you a better chance of escaping enemies or getting to a safe spot if you're injured while exploring. 

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