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DayZ: How To Craft and Find Planks

Build your base confidently using our guide explaining how to find and craft planks in DayZ.
DayZ: How To Craft and Find Planks

Some resources are extremely important in DayZ, and the simple and common plank is one of them. Knowing how to craft and even find these useful building materials is critical in DayZ, and if you don't know how or where this guide is for you. 

Below you can find a full breakdown of how to craft planks in DayZ, as well as some general locations where these useful materials can be found in DayZ. So without further delay, let's get right into it.

How to Craft & Find Planks in DayZ

As mentioned before, planks are extremely useful in DayZ, similar to the rope item in the game which is used for crafting as well. Planks are used when building your base and if you want to set up your home base, these are what you need. So let's take a look at how to craft them first and foremost. 

DayZ How To Get Planks Equipment needed
Below are the items you'll need to collect planks. (Picture: YouTube / DarkdragonPro)

Before creating planks in DayZ, you need the following items and tools:

  • Hatchet or Axe
  • Saw
  • Grindstone

Now, you can perform the steps below with just the saw, but doing so will wear down the saw quickly, while using the axe or hatchet in combination with the saw will have it last longer and not need as frequent maintenance. Once you have the items above, here's how you can craft planks:

  • Cut down a tree using your axe or hatchet.
  • You will now get 3 items, sticks, firewood, and logs – use the latter.
  • Put the log in front of you, open your inventory, and pick up the saw.
  • Now look at the log, and you will get the option “Make Planks”.

It's worth noting that you will always craft 4 planks from one log, however, depending on the tree you cut down, you can get more or less logs. So be ready to farm any trees for their logs and subsequent planks. 

DayZ How To Get Planks Linovia
Here are the plank piles in the Linovia map. (Picture: DayZ.xam.nu)

But what if you don't feel like spending all this time doing almost literal farming, and just want to grab planks from the environment? Well, luckily, there are many places on the map where you can find plank piles, as shown above (Linovia) and below (Chernarus). 

DayZ How To Get Planks Chernarus
Here are the plank piles in the Chernarus map. (Picture: DayZ.xam.nu)

These locations will vary depending on the map you're on, and to cut them loose you can use your hand, or a hacksaw to make it faster. You should note that these piles don't respawn and will only reset after the server resets, and it may affect the locations of these piles, so just keep your eyes open and you can easily get some free planks as you venture out.

So there you have it, a quick and concise look at how to craft and find planks in DayZ. These materials will help you when starting and it's recommended that you try to get as much as you can.

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