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DayZ Blood Type Chart & Compatibility

Survive blood loss and blood transfusions using this guide showcasing the blood type chart in DayZ.
DayZ Blood Type Chart & Compatibility

There are numerous ways that players can meet an untimely end while playing DayZ. You could get hit by a bullet with your name on it, starve to death, or succumb to illness. One of the rare but still deadly threats in the game is blood loss, and knowing how to avoid this will require some knowledge of how blood works in DayZ. 

Blood is separated into different types, and knowing your type and how compatible it is with others is vital to healing blood loss, similar to real life. So in this guide, we'll be giving you a breakdown of the Blood type chart in DayZ and how it can help you survive if you're in a pinch. 

DayZ - Blood Type Chart 

Having enough blood is vital in DayZ as incurring blood loss can lead to shock and, ultimately, death. However, you can't just go injecting yourself with any blood; it needs to match your character's blood type. So to help with this, we've created a chart/table below to showcase the types of blood that can be transfused to avoid using the wrong kind. 

Receiver Donor O- O+ A- A+ B- B+ AB- AB+
O-  -- Yes No No No No No No No
O+  -- Yes Yes No No No No No No
A-  -- Yes No Yes No No No No No
A+  -- Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No
B-  -- Yes No No No Yes No No No
B+  -- Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No
AB-  -- Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No
AB+  -- Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

It's important to use the correct blood since using the wrong type can lead to an illness called a Hemolytic Reaction. This is incurable and lasts a while, but it can't kill you; it simply makes you weaker and more susceptible to other illnesses in the game.

If you're lucky enough not to develop a Hemolytic reaction, then you'll still be in danger as the bleeding won't stop until you use the correct blood, and your condition will worsen. This ultimately leads to death and can be an early death for players who aren't well nourished and don't have a lot of base health. 

DayZ Blood Type Chart Example
A more detailed look at the blood chart for the types in DayZ. (Picture: Steam Community / O6 Lima)

So to avoid this, use a blood test kit to identify your blood type and then use the table above (provided by Steam user O6 Lima) to identify which blood types you can accept or donate to your team's players if you're doing co-op. You can also eat tons of food to make sure you're nourished, which eliminates the need for a transfusion, so this can always be a backup in case you don't have the right blood. 

DayZ Blood Type Chart Advantages knowing blood types
Knowing which blood types match with others is vital to your survival, so get familiar with them. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

But all in all, as long as you stick to the chart listed above, test your blood to be sure you're getting the right type into your system, and keep yourself well-fed, then blood loss should be no issue for you in DayZ. 

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