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DayZ: How To Regain Blood Quickly

Survive blood loss and impending death using our guide on how to regain blood quickly in DayZ.
DayZ: How To Regain Blood Quickly

Whether you take a bullet from an enemy play, get cut by the harsh environment, or even fall prey to an illness, it's guaranteed you'll need blood to regain the amount you've lost. If you're looking for ways to regain blood quickly in DayZ, then we have you covered. 

Below you can find our picks for the best ways to regain blood quickly in DayZ. As well as what you need to know about blood loss and why it's important to be prepared with blood on hand in all situations. 

DayZ - How To Regain Blood Quickly

Blood loss in DayZ is different from other games since you don't have to lose all of your blood to experience its effects. When your blood level drops to around 3000, your character may suffer shock damage and the risk of falling unconscious, which can ultimately result in death. 

DayZ How To Regain Blood Quickly uses and effects
Regaining blood is vital as losing too much can incapacitate you and lead to a quick death if you don't know how to regain it. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

Therefore, it's crucial to address any wounds immediately by bandaging or stitching them to prevent bleeding and curb blood loss as quickly as possible. And below are some of the ways you can do so

Staying Fed and Hydrated

The most common way to resolve a blood loss issue is to simply stay well-fed and hydrated. This is fairly slow to be sure, but it's a reliable way to regain blood without consuming tons of resources. 

However, this implies that you're in a position where you can relax and sit back as your blood builds back up, such as being home in your base. If you aren't, however, then you'll need to go to some more pricey methods that can work instantly while in battle or when on the run. 

Using a Saline Bag IV or Blood Bag IV

The first method is to use a Saline Bag IV, which will dramatically boost your blood recovery speed, however, it can be quite costly, since the Saline Bag is quite rare to possess. There is also an alternative that comes in the form of Blood Bag IVs. 

DayZ How To Regain Blood Quickly Blood bags IV
IV Blood Bags are the fastest way to regain blood, just make sure you use the correct type. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

Blood Bag IVs will restore your blood instantly, and they are also quite rare to come across, but you can find them more reliably in hospitals or medical buildings. Take note however that you need to use the correct blood type to transfuse into your body, otherwise, you risk a Hemolytic reaction, so make sure you have the correct blood type to transfuse. 

But there you have it, the most common ways you can regain blood in DayZ. These methods will help you stay alive in a tough situation, so be sure to plan for blood loss before heading back out there. 

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