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DayZ Crossbow Weapon: How to Find, Damage, and More

This guide will show you how to get the crossbow, its ammunition, and details of this weapon in the new 1.12 update of DayZ.
DayZ Crossbow Weapon: How to Find, Damage, and More

Excitement is in the air as the new 1.21 update of DayZ is bringing back a fan-favorite weapon, the crossbow. If you're as excited as we are to get your hands on this powerful weapon as well as know more about its details, then this guide has you covered. 

Below we'll walk you through everything you needed to know about the crossbow in DayZ. INcluding how to get it, the different kinds of ammunition/bolts it uses, and some general tips on how this weapon can aid you the next time you're surviving DayZ. 

How to Get the New Crossbow in Dayz

The crossbow in DayZ can be located throughout the entire map, appearing at various spawn points alongside hunting supplies, castles, and occasionally in military camps. Specific spawn locations for the crossbow include castles, elevated areas favored by hunters (Deer Stands), animal shelters, and military camps situated in the Tier 2 region of the map (Chernarus & Livonia). 

DayZ How To Get Crossbow Locations
Crossbows can be found all over the game, mainly in high-up buildings and military camps. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

It's worth noting that there isn't just a single crossbow available in the upcoming 1.21 version of DayZ; rather, there are five distinct variations. While it doesn't appear that there is any difference between them aside from aesthetics, if any differences are found, we'll be sure to update this article accordingly. 

How To Find and Craft Bolts for the Crossbow

Once you find a crossbow in the game, your next concern will be ammunition, which can be obtained from the same locations as the crossbow itself. These locations include elevated hunting spots, military camps in the Tier 2 area, castles, and animal shelters. 

However, only one of the three bolt variations, namely the steel bolt, can be found in these places. In the game, it is simply referred to as the "bolt." Additionally, there are two types of "Improvised Bolts" that can be crafted:

DayZ How To Get Crossbow Ammunitions
Crossbow bolts can be found or crafted, but the ones you find ie. Normal Bolts are considerably better though rarer. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)
  1. Crafting an Improvised Bolt: Combine a Knife and a Short Stick to create a bolt.
  2. Crafting an Improvised Bolt with Springs: Combine an improvised bolt with a spring to obtain a bolt with springs.

The distinction between these two improvised bolts lies in their damage, maximum range, and effective range. We will delve further into the specifics of their damage values later on. But to simplify it, the improvised bolts with Springs are the ideal type of bolt to use second to the rare normal bolts which can only be found. 

Newly Added Crossbow Attachments 

In the current iteration of the crossbow, it is possible to equip various scopes and sights to give you a tactical advantage in battle. The crossbow is equipped with a Picatinny rail, enabling the attachment of sights compatible with M4, Pioneer, or LAR rifles. 

DayZ How To Get Crossbow Attachments and Tips
Crossbows can also take various attachments thanks to its Picatinny rail. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

The following scopes and sights are compatible with the crossbow in the new update:

  1. Red Dot
  2. Combat Sights
  3. ATOG 4x
  4. ATOG 6x
  5. RVN
  6. Starlight Optic (NVG)

Please note that as of update 1.21, the sights are pre-adjusted to specific distances, which vary depending on the weapon. For instance, the ATOG 6x on a LAR can be zeroed to 600 meters, while on a crossbow, it can only be set to 100 meters, so be aware of that before risking your life trying to find a scope or sight.

Crossbow Damage, Effective Range, and Tips

The crossbow consistently inflicts 125 points of damage and 85 points of shock damage at a maximum range of 20 meters. To enhance its performance, you can improve the maximum effective range, bullet speed, and accuracy by selecting different types of bolts.

Here is a simplified table summarizing the damage output of the crossbow based on the bolts used:

  1-Shot Distance Max Effective Range Range using Sight Bleed Chance Speed
Improv Bolt 20 meters 30 meters 50 meters 55% 85 m/s
Improv Bolt with spring 25 meters 40 meters 60 meters 65% 90 m/s
Bolt 60 meters 80 meters 120 meters 100% 105 m/s

By examining this table, it becomes evident that the crossbow can still be effective even with weaker bolts. However, if you intend to utilize the crossbow to its fullest potential, there are some important points to keep in mind.

Here are some key general considerations that will help you maximize the crossbow's effectiveness in combat, and help keep you alive regardless of your chosen setup.

  • Firing and reloading the crossbow can be heard by other players within a 25-meter radius.
  • Infected players are unable to detect any sounds originating from the crossbow.
  • Fired bolts can be retrieved after shooting them.
  • The quality of crafted bolts is influenced by the condition of the knife used, but it currently does not affect their statistics.
  • The crossbow occupies 28 inventory slots in a 4x7 arrangement.
  • Reloading can be done in different ways:
    • Pressing R cocks the string.
    • Holding R both cocks the string and insert bolts.
    • Pressing R twice removes a loaded bolt from the crossbow.
  • The condition of the crossbow deteriorates with each shot but can be repaired using epoxy.
  • The crossbow is not susceptible to jamming.
DayZ How To Get Crossbow Overall look and future updates
The crossbow can serve you well in any fight, and if any future updates arrive for this weapon, we'll be sure to inform you. (Picture: Bohemia Interactive)

And there you have it, a comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to know about the crossbow coming in the 1.21 update of DayZ. Be sure to consider all this information before picking up the crossbow and it will serve you well as you survive the harsh environment of DayZ. 

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