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Dota 2
Dota 2

GINX TV will be broadcasting the ESL One Birmingham Major

As announced on the Daily Download yesterday, we at GINX Esports TV have acquired the broadcasting rights for Dota 2's ESL One Birmingham Major 2018 from May 25th to May 27th. Held in Birmingham later this week, ESL One Birmingham is the very first Dota 2 Major tournament organised in the UK. Arguably the year’s most exciting esports event in the UK, ESL One Birmingham has already broken records, becoming the fastest selling ESL Dota 2 event ever. ESL One Birmingham From May 25th to May 27th , 12 top teams from around the world will be competing for $1,000,000 and the all-important Dota Pro Circuit points to earn their invite for The International 2018. In addition to the official broadcast of the tournament, GINX Esports TV will also be on location with prominent Dota 2 caster Jorien van der Heijden. Jorien, also known as Sheever in the esports community, will be conducting live interviews as well as pre- and post-match analysis, offering an exclusive point of view on this highly awaited tournament. “I’m looking forward to represent GINX Esports TV at ESL One Birmingham," Sheever said. "I’ll be hosting The Daily Download from the arena and will be doing several interviews. It’ll be an awesome weekend!” Teams such as OpTic Gaming, Fnatic, Virtus.Pro and more will all be attending the event, as will top talent such as Paul "Redeye" Chaloner and Alex "Machine" Richardson hosting the panel and the stage respectively. Be sure to say hi if you see any of the GINX team at the event – we'll see you all there! The ESL One Birmingham Major 2018 will be available on GINX Esports TV from Friday, May 25th until Sunday, May 27th in Africa, Canada, France, Israel, Italy, US and of course UK on SKY Channel 433 and Virgin Media Channel 290.