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Dota 2
Dota 2

Wings Gaming Is This Year's The International Winner

Dota 2's epic annual competition is now over, with Chinese team Wings Gaming batting back all opposition to come out on top as the victor of the event. It's been a tournament of surprises, then. With many favourites - such as OG, Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses - all failing to make too much of an impact in the tournament, we've seen teams of lesser significance compete for the Aegis. Digital Chaos was an especially interesting shock, with the underdog managing to fend off the likes of Fnatic, Evil Geniuses and EHOME to make it into the grand finals. But first it was MVP Phoenix's turn to fall at the hands of Fnatic, in a series that went to Fnatic 2-0. The first game followed on from Fnatic's recent trend of early game advantages, one that MVP struggled to recover from throughout the match. Utilising a more typical, farm-focused composition in the second game, MVP still faced tough opposition - especially when encountering Fnatic's roaming Riki. The pair evened up in terms of kills by the 40-50 minute mark, but a smart play by Fnatic saw Void blocked from the last important teamfight, unable to utilise his Chrono ability and ultimately leading to Fnatic's victory. Despite the push Digital Chaos had been on, many expected it would fall at the hands of Fnatic in the semi-finals. And perhaps they would have, the tough first game forcing them into farming out the remaining minutes to claim back a lost advantage before managing to claim a huge gold lead and earn victory. The second game was a great example of counter-picking, with DC selecting Chaos Knight to make Fnatic's Huskar comp a little tougher for them to handle. And it worked, with an early slaughter of Fnatic's offlaner holding the team back while Digital Chaos built up a significant lead that would end up being too much for Fnatic. So significant, in fact, they managed to take Fnatic's racks with only losing a Tier 1 tower... Having secured the Loser Bracket semi-finals, then, DG went on to face EG who had just been knocked down by Wings Gaming. The game wasn't quite as comfortable as it had been against Fnatic, taking the first game in the series with an early lead but losing the second. With it all to win for - and EG the technically more likely winner - DG had to make it work. It was tough since Evil Geniuses had a lead of varying sizes throughout the game, but an intense final few minutes gave Digital Chaos all it needed to march towards the base with relative confidence. With the crowd on DG's side at the grand finals - no one really expected them to be there, after all - there was a lot of pressure for them to perform. High on confidence the team managed to secure the first game victory within 35 minutes, but it just wasn't meant to be. Wings Gaming had beaten back every team it had faced in the Upper Bracket and it wasn't about to let this upstart of a team take them down. Wings Gaming went on to win three games back to back to take the series 3-1 and claim over $9.1 million in prizes. They were a well-poised team throughout the tournament, and well worthy of their victory.