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Is Halo 5: Guardians the Ultimate Halo Game?

Xbox. Halo. From day one, we've never had one without the other. A Microsoft console just wouldn't feel right without Master Chief - but it's been two years since the launch of the Xbox One and so far? Nothing. But not for long. Halo 5: Guardians is almost here. Once the creation of Bungie but now developed by 343 Industries, the team are promising a game that "fulfills the promise of the Halo series and the power of the Xbox One". Bold claims - can Halo 5 actually deliver? The campaign centres around a mystery as main character Master Chief is being hunted by new Spartan Commander Locke with a rag tag gang of previous series characters such as Nathan Fillion’s reprisal of the character Buck from Halo 3: ODST. All of these characters are open for you to play as in the four player co-op campaign. No longer do you have to run around as a random Spartan who looks suspiciously like Master Chief with an off-brand colour for his power armour. Your character will react dynamically to things going on around them and play a part in the story! Halo 5 Guardians Screenshot 2 While Halo 4 had to spend most of it’s time setting up the new race, the Promethians, Halo 5 is free to go full force with everything laid out by previous developers Bungie and everything 343 have bought to the table. This feels like it could be the ultimate conflux of all things Halo! 343 Industries have finally began to put their own stamp Halo's multiplayer. Mobility is the word of the day with all players starting matches with thrusters on their backs giving you similar boost jumps and sideways dashes that many modern shooters have began to adopt. And these aren’t perks like they were in previous games, you can use them all the time! Another big change is what 343 are calling “Smart Scope”, which is essentially an iron sights mode, something that has never been a part of Halo multiplayer. It’s a controversial move as many of the player base were adverse to it but we have to say it’s been integrated quite nicely. Rather than the gun taking up 50% of the screen when you bring it up, you’re still looking through a Spartan helmet and while it adds to your precision it slows you down considerably. This means people more used to a Call of Duty experience can slowly get used to the run and gun style Halo is known for. Halo 5 Guardians Screenshot 1 Multiplayer also has some new game modes, the first called Breakout feels like 343’s attempt to get Halo in to the eSports world. It’s a four v four rush mode with each player having one life and no respawns in a first to five game. The only way you’re going to succeed at this is through co-ordinated team work and communication.Time will tell if the eSports world does go for it but we think it would be a welcome addition! The other new mode is Warzone, which looks insane! 24 players at once divided in to two teams battle it out on massive maps against two computer controlled factions, the Covenant and the Prometheans. Players battle for control of different buildings on the maps which give your team upgrades, which again feels like a more e sports style of play as your team levels and gains bonuses together. All of these are welcome concessions to a generation of players who have now grown up on Call of Duty and games like League of Legends. Another take away from games like Call of Duty is dynamic, AI driven voice chatter. Now that was a lot of tech words in one sentence, basically if you’re not someone who likes to get on the headset and shout out info to your team mates the game does it for you! “Reloading!” “enemy in the building above!” can all be called out by your player leaving you to relax those vocal chords. Halo 5 looks to be the ultimate realization of what Bungie set out on the original Xbox with the lessons 343 Industries have learnt over it’s years with the franchise. Could this be the ultimate Halo game? Time will tell.