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Rust gets new Contact system in June update

Players will no longer confuse friend with foe with Rust's new Contact system.
Rust gets new Contact system in June update

I know what you are probably thinking. Friendly players in Rust? What a joke!

And while a vast majority of Rust players simply wants to kill everything that walks, there are actually some people in the game that like to be friendly to each other.

But, given the stressful nature of the environment in Rust, where everyone either wants to kill you or to trick you in some way, those rare friendly players are never sure whom are they going to meet next and how will those players react, and so everyone has their finger on the trigger non-stop.

Thankfully, Facepunch Studios has just introduced a new Contact system, which will help those few friendly players to always know who's friendly and who's not, by keeping track of the players you interact with.

Rust Contact system: How it works?

Rust Contact system: How it works?
(Picture: Facepunch Studios)

The new system is quite easy and straightforward to use.

When you open your inventory, you will find a new tab named Contacts, which will open the Contacts menu.

There, you will find three categories: Friendly, Enemy, and Seen.

Any players you have been in close proximity for a few seconds will automatically be added to the Seen category.

Any player that kills you will be added to your Enemy list.

You can manually add players to your Enemy, Seen, or Friends categories, add notes about them, check when's the last time you have seen them, or even remove them from your contacts.

Rust Contact system: How it works?
(Picture: Facepunch Studios)

This new feature also comes with a buff to binoculars, which will now show a small circle above players (Red, Blue, White), indicating if they are friendly, foe, or neutral.

Furthermore, there is a new "wave" feature, which will let players show their nametag at long distances, helping to potentially avoid friendly fire.

Finally, the update also introduced a new reputation system that is still in the works. Your name will appear slightly reddish or blueish based on your tendencies to attack and kill random people you've just met.

There you have it, hopefully, this will bring peace and prosperity on Rust servers, and reduce violence. Who are we kidding, of course, that's not going to happen!

And one last thing, since most of you will probably be annoyed with this feature, you can turn it off with the convar relationshipmanage.contacts false!

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