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Rust Twitch Drops 5: All drops, streamers, and schedule

Facepunch has activated another round of Twitch Drops to celebrate the game's most renowned creators. Learn everything you need to know right here.
Rust Twitch Drops 5: All drops, streamers, and schedule

There are few game developers that have actively supported their streamers more than Facepunch Studio's Rust has.

Unique and exclusive cosmetic items that capture elements of the streamers personal brand with a requirement to stream their broadcasts for a certain time makes great sense. You reward those who essentially promote your game, and also keep it high in the Twitch viewership charts.

Rust recently got round to celebrating those OG streamers that kept the game alive before the celebrities of the streaming world, and their OfflineTV and Egoland servers catapulted the game into the consciousness of every gamer.

Rust Twitch Drops Round 5(Picture: Facepunch Studios)

But its far from over on the ol' Twitch Drops front as the developers revealed Round 5 of the format with new streamers and new items to earn.

These drops are available from 11-18th Feb ending at 07:00 pm UTC.

Rust Twitch Drops Round 5

These are all the streamers that have been granted exclusive cosmetic items in Round 5, ranging from weapon skins to hoodies to garage doors.

Viewers will need to link their Rust account to their Twitch account and watch each streamer for a set time. Times range from two hours to six and are listed above.

Streamer Drops:

Rust Twitch Drops 5
(Picture: Facepunch Studios)

Take note these streamer-specific drops can only be earned by watching that streamers channel.

  • Ash_on_LoL (2 hours)
  • buddha (2 hours)
  • Dyannatv (2 hours)
  • SerWinterOfficial (2 hours)
  • Trausi (2 hours)
  • SHADOWFRAX (2 hours)
  • Mammoth (2 hours)
  • bchillz (2 hours)
  • boxbox (6 hours)

General Drops:

Rust General Drops Round 5
(Picture: Facepunch Studios)

  • PrinceVidz's Hammer (2 hours)
  • KaryssaKilljoys' Mask (4 hours)
  • Jordanrants' Jackpot Satchel (6 hours)

These drops can be earned by watching any Drops Enabled Rust stream.

Linking your Twitch and Steam account:

  1. Sign in with your Twitch account
  2. Sign in with your Steam account
  3. Activate Twitch Drops for your Steam account

To check everything is set up properly you can track your progress towards earning drops from the Twitch Drops Inventory page.

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