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Tarkov Arena: Ranked Play Explained

Come and check out how Escape from Tarkov Arena ranked play works!
Tarkov Arena: Ranked Play Explained
Battlestate Games

Once players gain access to Escape from Tarkov arena they're going to be able to focus on two ranks, their competitive rank and their general rank. As discussed in previous articles, the generic leveling system on Arena is linked to the main game Escape from Tarkov PMC rank, however, there is an additional separate Escape from Tarkov Arena competitive rank for players to focus on. This rank will essentially separate the two titles, considering Arena is a separate DLC and has different functionality to the base game, and introducing a new ranking system distinguishes the differences between the base game and Arena. 


Escape from Tarkov Arena: Ranks Explained 

Battlestate Games has expressed the importance of the ranking system within Escape from Tarkov Arena, urging players to understand rank functionality and how it affects gameplay. The ranking system within Escape from Tarkov Arena allows players to distinguish ability rather than progress, similar to games such as Counter-Strike, Valorant, and other competitive titles. These ranks separate players into different levels of ability, allowing for all players to enjoy the Escape from Tarkov Arena experience instead of being rolled by Tarkov veterans every match. 

Currently little is known about the ranks within Arena, with Battlestate Games only showing two ranks on their website with very little context to their backgrounds. The rank names are:

  • Veteran (A)
  • Pro (A+)

Showing the differences in ranks being "A" and "A+" outlining the clear betterment between the two ranks. Potentially leading to ranks based on an alphabetical system, F to S tier, outlining the skill gap for players to understand and comprehend where their rank lies within the skill. 

This draws the obvious conclusion of competitive rank progression, players will also have the ability to de-rank as well as rank up, this is because if they're struggling in their current rank and not playing to a similar level to their opponents, they'll drop a rank. This eludes bad experiences of players struggling every round and urges practice if a player desires to reach well-respected levels within the Arena. These ranks highlight a new competitive aspect within Escape from Tarkov and open up new avenues of grinding, allowing players to develop their Arena competitive rank and have a similar rewarding feeling to ranking up their Escape from Tarkov PMC.

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