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Escape From Tarkov Latest Balancing Changes, Explained

Escape from Tarkov has released a balancing update, making some big changes to the game's economy.
Escape From Tarkov Latest Balancing Changes, Explained

Battlestate Games released an Escape from Tarkov update on the 29th of May containing major "balancing" changes. The update entails changing the sale prices of equipment from traders and one thing is for certain, inflation is now affecting Escape from Tarkov prices! The prices of goods have been increased specifically within Ragman's market, whereas other trader's prices have gone untouched thankfully.

Unfortunately, the increase in prices dramatically changes the rarity of each item, considering we are currently later in the wipe not much will change, but the upcoming wipe players will struggle due to lack of money. Prices have not minorly increased either, having vital body armor and helmet pieces skyrocket nearly 30% in price, hopefully, we don't see this behavior from Prapor, Therapist, Skier, Mechanic, Jaeger, and Peacekeeper.


Escape from Tarkov Balancing Update

As seen in the image, there are more than "just a few" items being updated in price, to see the complete lists, please follow this link. Essentially, the price of every item in Ragman's shop has increased by a large amount, causing players to earn more and play competitively to earn their gear. This move by Battlestate games will dramatically affect the usage of Ragman's shop, having players resort to alternative solutions such as the flea market. 

Players might additionally resort to scav runs, having player utilize their free AI pal to run into raids, loot as many dead bodies as possible, and extract with armor, helmets, backpacks, and vests to last them a few raids. This would be ideal in early wipe situations as most players aren't going to have a spare 100k laying around for level four armor, players are simply going to change everything and run raids with level 2 armor instead. 

If causing enough uproar Battlestate Games will backtrack the update, whether or not this will be in the player's best interest is uncertain. Battlestate Games aren't particularly popular currently amongst the Escape from Tarkov community due to their unfair in-game changes, such as the most recent backtracked event where players needed a specific item to enter a raid, similar to needing a Lab's keycard for The Lab. As per, all will be decided on Twitter, backlash could be coming for this update!

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