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Escape from Tarkov Arena Release Date Speculation, Leaks, News and More

Battlestate Games' upcoming Arena Mode for Escape From Tarkov is nearly here, but what do we know about it so far?
Escape from Tarkov Arena Release Date Speculation, Leaks, News and More

Four months after the most recent Escape From Tarkov wipe and we are already grinding our teeth in frustration counting down the days to the next wipe. Now, this isn’t because players share excitement for new guns, armour, or even new ammunition, it’s because Escape from Tarkov Arena mode is nearly here. Over the last year, the developers over at Battlestate Games have been teasing the release of a “Call of Duty” vibe game mode on Escape from Tarkov known as: Arena.

Within Arena, players are put in what seems to be a team-death-match experience, facing off against each other in a 5v5 game mode. Obviously, this is completely abnormal from the current Tarkov experience, and many people have questions regarding the new and upcoming game mode. Thankfully, we've pulled all the info into one place to get you up to speed. Read on for everything you need to know about Escape From Tarkov Arena.

14 July 2023 Update - We've checked for the latest news and leaks related to Escape From Tarkov's Arena Mode.


Latest News & Leaks

Just below you'll find the latest news, rumors and leaks related to the upcoming Escape From Tarkov Arena mode:

14 July 2023 - TarkovTV podcast returns next week

There's a new TarkovTV podcast coming next week including news on "current ongoing work" and "future plans".

We wonder if it will include any information about the Tarkov Arena mode.


11 May 2023 - More Arena Teasers
8 April 2023 - Battlestate Games reveals another gameplay teaser

Is Escape From Tarkov Arena Free?

Before I properly begin to hype the project up, it's worth noting that Arena mode will be paid DLC content for Tarkov. Those who obtain the “Edge of Darkness” edition will have immediate access to the Arena due to obtaining the season pass. Those who have the standard editions (all but Edge of Darkness) will have to pay for access to the Arena.

Lead developer Nikita Buyanov previously mentioned that the price will be lower than the base game, the reason why the arena may be slightly costly is because the Arena has been said to be an independent project. Something to note – the Edge of Darkness edition will be removed from the store before Arena releases and by the sounds of it €109.99 doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Now we have got that out the way, let's learn what that money gets you.

Escape from Tarkov Arena, Explained

On the 8th of April, Battlestate Games gave deeper insight into Arena mode within their second teaser trailer (seen above). Within this trailer, we got a better look at some of the all new upcoming features, such as insight into how the Arena mode will function, the separate menu and all the new maps we will get to experience within the new mode.

In short, Escape from Tarkov Arena will be a close-quarters 5v5 game mode where players will select their pre-designed loadouts, load into the map and destroy the enemy as a team. Quite literally the same approach as typical Call of Duty or Counter Strike gameplay.

As visible in the trailer, players will have a series of different maps to choose from, including: Equator, Air Pit, Bay 5, Sawmill, and Bowl; with each match lasting approximately fifteen minutes. Each map offers separate game modes, such as “Shootout” or “Team fight”  game modes. Going off assumptions, this is the choice between team-death-match or free-for-all.

Taking a deeper look at the weapon classes we can identify four main categories: Assault, Close Quarters, Marksman and Scout, containing several operatives with different loadouts within those categories. Each player must pay (x) number of Roubles per loadout, each being worth a different amount. Don’t worry, Arena is a separate project, and you won’t be using your Roubles from the main Escape from Tarkov game, there will be a different economy and system to earn money.


Escape From Tarkov Arena Leveling, Rewards and More

It’s incredibly exciting knowing that Battlestate are bringing a casual game mode to the title, allowing players to relax more and enjoy what the developers have to offer. Yes, Tarkov is great to play with friends, but when the going gets tough everyone needs to knuckle down, whereas Arena will offer an environment to laugh, and enjoy the game for what it is without gear fear.

Players who enjoy a grind, I’m sure you’re not going to miss out. Escape from Tarkov is one of the most intense grinding experiences of most people's gaming careers, the developers love watching us squabble in the dirt like pigs whilst we kill each other for in-game loot and items. Therefore, we don’t doubt this game mode, whether it be access to new weapons, armour or characters, you will most definitely have an objective to strive towards; perhaps even financially within the Tarkov market.

Battlestate games love their quests, and we can most likely expect them to be within the Arena, as visible on the trailer, the character has an option to check on their “career,” leading to the conclusion that there will be something extra for players to strive towards. One thing is for sure, this is going to be a Chad playground, so for those rats, perhaps it’s time to learn the way of the rifle and up your game!

Finally, we have a separate levelling system within Arena mode, the trailer shows off a character who has the rank of “Fighter,” now perhaps this is the variant of character the player has selected or the rank they have obtained. I guess we shall find out and draw a conclusion soon on the real grind.


When Will Escape From Tarkov Arena Release?

Escape from Tarkov reset last December, therefore we’re already four months into the current wipe, meaning that there is likely less than three months (maximum) remaining until the next wipe. With the recent drop of information and hype around arena, it’s a guarantee we will experience the Arena in some shape or form following the conclusion of this next upcoming wipe; which could take place anywhere between the end of May into the end of July. That said, it would have been nice for some official confirmation on the recent Escape From Tarkov Roadmap.

Whilst this may seem pretty far away, remember that we still have some end of wipe events to look forward to and the final stretch of the grind. If anyone is striving for the Kappa container, now would be your time to lock it down and embrace the success of such an achievement because nobody is going to have time for that when the Arena drops in the next couple of months.

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