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Escape from Tarkov: How to Build the Gym in Hideout

Come and find out how to build a Gym in your Escape from Tarkov Hideout!
Escape from Tarkov: How to Build the Gym in Hideout
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Escape from Tarkov provides a plethora of helpful functions within the Hideout, allowing players to take a rest from killing enemies, looting, and dealing with scavs. This allows for more massive gameplay, with players gradually building resources and upping their gameplay through the resources the Hideout provides. For those that don't know, the hideout acts as a player's "base," allowing those to craft in-raid items, weapons, armor, and usable items to benefit their in-game status or level. Additionally, the Hideout provides items like a gym to level up the strength of your character and a weapon rack to take weapons out of your stash and into your hideout! 

Within this article, we're going to teach you how to build your own usable gym. However, please note it's a lot easier to complete this task when players have access to the flea market and are, therefore level 15 and above. 


Escape from Tarkov Hideout: How to Unlock the Gym

Unlocking the Gym in Escape from Tarkov doesn't require too much time or effort, which is great considering the mass benefits the gym provides, such as ranking up your player's strength. However, everything that provides happiness within Escape from Tarkov takes time to build and learn, therefore here are the requirements to build the gym (4 hours construction time):

The main aspect of these upgrades required is the level six defective wall, level two illumination, and the level two vents. This is because we're going to have to upgrade the hideout to get these module levels which takes time and money. However, it's as simple as selecting the modules, purchasing or finding the parts to upgrade the module, and clicking "upgrade." Once leveling up all of your modules, you can begin building the Gym with the previously mentioned requirements. 

Once completed, here are the functions of the gym: 

  • Unlocks training area to level up Strength and Endurance skills:
  • 2.3 skill points/ successful quick time event (QTE) up to 15 times
  • Skill point gains for each skill are reduced upon reaching certain levels in that skill:
  • 1.5 once reaching skill level 10
  • 0.8 once reaching skill level 25
  • Mild Muscle Pain reduces skill gain by 50%.
  • Severe Muscle Pain reduces skill gain by 100%.

Additionally, these are some more notes you must know about the Gym:

To be able to start training, you need to have at least 60 Energy and 60 Hydration. In a training session, you can do 15 quick time events (QTE) where each successful one can randomly grant Strength or Endurance skill points based on your current skill level. For every successful QTE, you lose 2 Energy and 2 Hydration, while failing a QTE, you lose 4 Energy and 4 Hydration.

  • Between levels 0-9, you get 2.3 Strength or Endurance skill points / successful QTE.
  • Between levels 10-24, you get 1.5 Strength or Endurance skill points / successful QTE.
  • Between levels 25-50, you get 0.8 Strength or Endurance skill points / successful QTE.

Essentially, the more successful quick time events (QTE) you surpass and complete, the stronger and better your character will be going forward. Overall the gym provides a fun addition to your hideout, adding more use and reason for players to explore and upgrade the hideout over time. 

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