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Escape From Tarkov Fix Audio Problems In Patch

Escape from Tarkov audio problems have finally received a new patch in update
Escape From Tarkov Fix Audio Problems In Patch

Escape from Tarkov has suffered serious sound issues for an extensive period of time. Players have become so frustrated by the lack of sound innovation they've stopped playing out of protest. The developers over the last few months have proceeded to add new weapons, and taunt the release of Escape from Tarkov Arena mode but have shown a lack of remorse for suffering players due to terrible audio problems.

All in accordance with the Escape from Tarkov roadmap, we have received our first technical update ( or 2023, and from today players should see significant improvements to sound. Removing main sound issue locations on the maps Lighthouse, Interchange, Reserve, and The Lab, additionally reworking AI voice lines. 


Escape from Tarkov Update

Here are the following updates revolving around the sound:

  • Configured the sound system for Lighthouse;
  • Configured the sound system for Interchange;
  • Fixed the main sound issue areas on Reserve and The Lab;
  • Reworked the sound engine for voice lines: the sound is now more realistic, adjusted curves for the volume drop and muffling/transparency of the sound at a distance. Voice lines are balanced in accordance with the loudness of the phrase;
  • Improved active headsets system: lowered the volume level for all headsets, amplified high frequencies for more realistic sound, added functionality that gives some headsets an advantage by increasing the hearing radius of footsteps and voices;
  • Adjusted audio tracks that had sound artifacts (background voices, noise);
  • Fixed the sound effect of concussion which appeared when using Golden Star balm or when stunned by a grenade: the effect is now smoother, and the sound of tinnitus is played in stereo mode, without the positioning effect when turning your head;
  • Balanced sound volume for M18 grenade to match other grenades of this type;
  • Fixed an issue with short-term muting of the sound when the sound source transitions between rooms;
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when opening a door where the sound source behind it could sound muffled;
  • Fixed an issue where leaning against a wall would allow you to hear everything in the room behind the wall.

Although these sound fixes are incredible for the community and the progress of the game, players will likely still experience sound issues on other maps. The update outlines fixes on the maps Lighthouse, Interchange, Reserve, and The Lab specifically, but there is no mention of any other maps like Streets, Shoreline and more. However, the sound issues have been prominent on these maps due to their level of complexity and the fact they are technically "new" maps in Escape from Tarkov standards.

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