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Best M4 Builds In Escape from Tarkov

These are Escape from Tarkov's Best M4 Builds to aid your survival!
Best M4 Builds In Escape from Tarkov
Battlestate Games

Escape from Tarkov players typically struggle unknowingly, entering raid equipped with a trusty foregrip, holographic scope, and flashlight, only to meet their demise to level sixty warriors. The developers at Battlestate Games decided to release Escape from Tarkov to the hardcore audience, therefore, running around with the Call of Duty attitude is going to result in an early grave. The game was released alongside an intricate weapon modding system, with players having the selection between multiple Gas Blocks, Buffer Tubes, and various-size rails for their foregrips to attach onto and instead copping out for the typical stock M4 with a holographic.

This guide will highlight Escape from Tarkov's Best M4 builds available today, going through personal testing with myself to ensure their quality. There are three separate M4 makes below featuring separate optimizations: close-quarter combat, mid-range combat, and long-range combat, however, both mid and long-ranges will have additional attachments in case of close encounters; the beauty of weapon modifications with Escape from Tarkov. 

This guide will be beneficial to those who obtain the following:

  • Level fifteen of above - access to Flea market
  • Obtain Workbench level one in the hideout - access to the weapon modification screen
  • 200K Roubes (spare) - to pay for at least one of the M4 builds below 

Where these requirements aren't necessary, it will make your life incredibly easier. Players who don't obtain the flea market will have to find these attachments in-raid; the workbench will have less visual aid when building the weapon, and these builds will cost around 200k roubles per.


Escape from Tarkov Best M4 build: CQB

This Colt M4A1 5.56x45 has been optimized for the best close-quarters combat Escape from Tarkov experience, having you clear dorms, fortress, hospital, and labs, with agility and aggression. As you can see the M4A1 has been built in a compact design, which will aid you with movement and ergonomics, being a key aspect within the modification process. 

The M4A1 is modified with the following attachments: 

Attachment Catagory Attachment Name 
Stock Magpul CTR Carbine Stock
Barrel AR-15 5.56x45 260mm Barrel 
Foregrip Zenit RK-1 Tactical Foregrip on B-25U Mount
Foregrip Mount Zenit RK-1 Tactical Foregrip on B-25U Mount

Magpul M-LOK 4.1 inch Rail

Magpul M-LOK 2.5 inch Rail

Flashlight Zenit Klesch-2IKS IR illuminator with laser 
Handguard AR-15 Geissele SMR MK16 9.5 inch M-LOK handguard
Scope Aimpoint PRO reflex sight
Scope Mount Aimpoint LRP mount for COMPM4
Pistol Grip AR-14 Magpul MIAD pistol Grip
Muzzle Break

AR-15 PWS CQB 5.56X45 Muzzle Brake

Despite appearing like a lot of attachments, this is what it takes to become the 1% survivor within Escape from Tarkov, additionally, some M4s from the Flea market may already come modified with the above attachments. This weapon has been built for those tight and frustrating situations most find ourselves in, hopefully providing a remedy for these issues. 

Most players refuse to use the Flashlight due to sportsmanship, however, please remember the times you've faced a flashlight user and succeeded, you can't. Facing a fully-automatic assault rifle such as this specifically optimized close-quarters assault rifle, with a flashlight, is almost impossible to walk away from, utilize what's given to you! 


Escape from Tarkov Best M4 Build: Mid-Range 

This M4A1 build has been optimized for mid-range combat but also obtains the addition of a Belmo PK-06 scope attached to help in closer situations. This rifle perfectly suits maps such as Customs, Shoreline, and Streets of Tarkov, having the player feel confident and ready in most situations. Coming in at 54 vertical recoils, this weapon doesn't need the addition of a foregrip, allowing players to choose between having or not having one, depending on their ergonomics.

Here are the following attachments:

Attachment Catagory Attachment Name 

SIG Sauer BRAVO4 4x30 Scope w/PK-06 scope

Handguard AR-15 Daniel Defense RIS II 12.25 handguard
Muzzle Break AR-15 Bulletec ST-6012 muzzle break
Barrel AR-15 20-inch barrel
Pistol Grip AR-14 Magpul MIAD pistol Grip
Stock Magpul CTR Carbine Stock

As seen this weapon doesn't require as many attachments as the prior, almost acting as the minimalist, yet more advanced, version of the close-quarter combat M4A1. Players operating mid-range weaponry will find themselves being engaged by enemies from afar more often, sometimes not being able to identify their positions. These players should practice this acronym: "RTR," standing for Return Fire, Take Cover, Return Accurate Fire, to ensure higher survival. Returning inaccurate yet essential fire, taking cover, and returning accurate fire after establishing their positions, rushing enemy positions with this rifle may be more difficult. 

This rifle can be used in all scenarios, allowing players to operate within buildings, forest areas, and streets. The design doesn't limit the rifle at all, whether the enemy is far, close, or medium range you'll be able to operate with ease and precision regardless of the assignment. 


Escape from Tarkov Best M4 Build: Long-Range 

One of every one-hundred players is gifted with sharpshooting capabilities, obtaining patience, steady aim, discipline, and confidence, Escape from Tarkov snipers thrive off the weak. This weapon is rated S tier and only recommended to the finest of players. 

Here are the following attachments:

Attachment Catagory Attachment Name 

Magpul CTR Carbine Stock

Barrel AR-15 20-inch barrel
Rail Magpul M-Lok 4.1 inch rail
Foregrip Zenit RK-2 tactical foregrip
Suppressor SilencerCo Hybrid 46 multi-caliber sound suppressor
Suppressor Adapter Hybrid 46 Direct Thread mount adapter 
Handguard AR-15 SAI 14.5 inch QD Rail Handguard
Scope w/Canted Scope ELCAN SpecterDR 1x/4x scope w/Belmo
Pistol Grip AR-15 HK Ergo PSG-1 Style Pistol Grip 

This weapon will be incredibly handy on maps such as Woods, Shoreline, Streets of Tarkov, Lighthouse, and Reserve. Optimized primarily for long-range encounters, this M4A1 will decimate all shapes and sizes of enemies, having them drop, freeze, or suffer after you pull the trigger. Additionally, the weapon is complimented with a canted scope, giving players the ability to operate at close range if needed, although this isn't recommended, it's nice to have. 

Players will be terrified by the sound of the rifle, the suppressor adds a wonderful touch to the design, allowing you to operate both night and day silently and effectively. The M4A1 also has great statistics, with the weapon being ranked at 49 vertical recoils, ensuring that when sniping enemies your weapon doesn't kick back, allowing for follow-up rounds to execute the enemy sooner rather than later. Many might question "Why snipe with an assault rifle" Well, thirty bullets is simply better than five, right? 

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