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Escape from Tarkov Scav Boss Kaban: Location, Weapons & More

Battlestate Games is releasing a new Scav Boss on the Streets of Tarkov, here's how to defeat him!
Escape from Tarkov Scav Boss Kaban: Location, Weapons & More
Battlestate Games

For months, the players of Escape from Tarkov have been venturing the lands of Streets of Tarkov worry-free (providing they can run the map) due to the convenience of Battlestate Games not implementing a brand new scav boss to learn. Players have been effortlessly battling scav bosses they are familiar with that have been occupying areas on Streets of Tarkov temporarily whilst the developers design and incorporate a new scav boss into the game, now known as Kaban. But, something most players have failed to realize is that in fact there are two new scav bosses entering the game within the next two wipes, being before the end of 2023. 

Players have been provided little information on the later scav boss, although, we know more about upcoming scav boss "Kaban" who will be implemented into the Streets of Tarkov map in the coming wipe in August. In the prior TarkovTV update hosted by Battlestate Games and lead Escape from Tarkov developer Nikita, much news has been released in anticipation of the future of the game, powering hype back into the game and slightly reviving the player base. It is no secret that Escape from Tarkov has been suffering serve set-backs with YouTube content criticizing the title recently, although, perhaps the end is further away than most expected. 


Escape from Tarkov: New Scav Boss Kaban 

According to the roadmap and new content being released, scav boss Kaban will be releasing alongside the new Escape from Tarkov update in August, therefore we can expect to see him located in the squared-off location in red within the image above. 

Streets of Tarkov: Kaban Location

Kaban will be situated within the Streets of Tarkov map as many already know, furthermore, Kaban and his foot soldiers will be roaming around the car dealership location. Avid players of Streets of Tarkov know that the car dealership is the most active combat location in the entirety of the map, with the area being fortified with wired fencing and ballistic covering, and concealed by the dimly-lit lighting of the car dealership. This overall makes the car dealership incredibly deadly to operate within, the building itself contains many obstacles but the backend of the compound also provides a hard task to fight players within. 

Streets of Tarkov: Kaban Weapons 

Kaban will be using the brand new PKM released alongside the wipe coming within August, this will likely decimate players and scavs walking into view almost immediately. Therefore, players are going to have to act with extreme caution, especially when navigating through the gloomy remains of the car dealership on Streets of Tarkov. The PKM, as many know, is a light-machine gun that functions alongside 7.62x54R ammo, therefore, this gun is going to decimate. Whether or not Kaban will have other weapons is currently unknown, however, the PKM seems fitting.


Streets of Tarkov: Kaban Guide 

Due to the nature of Kaban's location and we already know quite a few details about him, we have a pre-planned guide on how to defeat the scav boss but firstly here are some outlined details:

  • Spawns within the highlighted area, more specifically, the car dealership
  • Will be joined by several foot soldiers 
  • Using a PKM (meaning he'll be slowish moving)
  • Can be found outside Car Dealership's main building 

Thankfully the car dealership has a lot of entrance and exit points; however, from experience with Glukhar spawning here, my recommendation would be to take the south entrance; this allows for space and cover, also allowing you to figure out the placement of the scav boss and soldiers. Additionally taking the north entrance closest to the Sparja Grocery Store would be recommended to take the same safe approach. 

Kaban will be a heavy-hitting scav boss with heavy weaponry. Therefore, he's going to be slow on his feet and likely belt areas with bullets allowing you to remain free and agile. Having an MP7 or close-quarters optimized M4 would be ideal for combatting Kaban, this is to truly take advantage of the building, surroundings, and overwhelming amount of gear Kaban will obtain. Additionally, please bring flashlights and grenades, you're fighting within a building that's very dimly lit and will need to guarantee visibility through the use of flashlights, grenades are a no-brainer in buildings.

The reason why we're not taking the front entrance on the East side of the building is because it's overexposed; players are going to face certain death from surrounding scavs, players, and possibly the scav boss himself. Additionally, if not killed being exposed to players reveals your gear, after killing the scav boss they'll likely come and mop the floor with you whilst recovering if they don't feel intimidated. 


Escape from Tarkov: Mystery Scav Boss - December Wipe

Very little concepts or information have been released regarding the new scav boss coming after or during the upcoming wipe, except speculation. However, this speculation is valid due to the patterns and teasing of future content being added to Escape from Tarkov via the Escape from Tarkov series: Chronicles of Ryzhy. Within this series, we've seen snapshots and clips of upcoming scav boss Kaban in series two, episode three (bold guy), and other scav bosses such as Killa and Reshala. Therefore, there's a chance that we've already bumped into the upcoming scav boss, and we don't know yet. 

Unfortunately, the map is currently unknown; however, due to the size and ambition behind the map Streets of Tarkov, we can expect the map to carry two scav bosses. This is due to the sheer size and player capacity of the map, therefore validating why we can expect to see two bosses. Most players enter raids with the desperation to battle bosses, often molding players together to create the most intense fights, if Streets of Tarkov is hosting thirty players, one scav boss isn't enough to go around, and players will experience too intense battles, causing frustration. 

The new Scav boss will likely be available in the Streets of Tarkov expansion coming later this year; this is due to the new space opening up and the fact it's relatively far away from the Car Dealership, navigating players to separate locations and letting players who want to steer clear and survive to avoid the areas. We're expecting the scav boss to be Kaban's brother, as we've seen Tagilla and Killa are both related. This wouldn't be a strange implementation. However, the likelihood of the new scav boss sharing similar traits is small. The new scav boss can most definitely combat the BTR coming in the update, deterring players from using and taking advantage of the BTR, causing equal risk to reward feature opening the heavy vehicle. 

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