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Escape from Tarkov Test Server: How To Access

Want to access the Escape from Tarkov Test server? We'll show you how!
Escape from Tarkov Test Server: How To Access

New and exciting content is coming to Escape from Tarkov imminently, with the developers bracing their players for the release of patch 13.1, the wipe, and potentially the Escape from Tarkov Arena update. Unfortunately, players are unsure of the order of these releases, leading to much confusion, ambiguous remarks, and information dropped by Battlestate Games. However, it's well-known that the Escape from Tarkov Test Server is being used currently, allowing players to test out new aspects of the game and submit feedback to the developers. 

Escape From Tarkov Test Server, Explained

Currently, the test server is open to apply for all players, except not all will be accepted. Battlestate Games consider the following: current character level, age of the account (on the website), and "other criteria." Therefore, Battlestate Games are likely to select players that haven't received a ban, remained loyal to Escape from Tarkov, and actively play the game. The reason for these implications is that Battlestate requires people that care, players that are awarded entry into the test servers are expected to complete feedback forms on their experiences and not everyone would want to do that.

When gaining access to the Test Server, you won't need to worry about damaging your account or losing your real Escape from Tarkov progress. All test server progress and raids are separate from the main title and won't affect any progress or settings, therefore you're free to roam safely. This applies to all in-game player statistics, characteristics, and awards, such as roubles and rare items. Finally, please remember to regularly leave Battlestate Games a consistent flow of feedback, just once isn't enough. The developers have trusted loyal players with the responsibility and gift of playing unreleased content, therefore a quick opinion isn't going to cause anyone major inconvenience and only benefit the game further. 


Escape from Tarkov Test Server - How to Apply 

To apply for the Escape from Tarkov Test server, players are going to have to open the Battlestate Games launcher, navigate to the "ETS" tab, scroll down, and follow the instructions provided within the launcher. Typically, you will only have to click the button "participate" which will send a prompt to the developers to check your account out for eligibility. 

It quite literally is that simple, once the developers have decided on your account status they will either give you access or decline your access. Once being given access, you will be able to enter the test server.

Additionally, players can have their test server access pass revoked if they breach any terms and services within the game. Battlestate Games also mention they don't need to provide players with reasoning for revoking their pass, they can just do it. 

How to play Escape from Tarkov Test Server 

Once obtaining the ability to play the test server, open the Battlestate Games launcher, next to the "Play" button that opens the game, select the drop-down that says "Client Type - Live" and select the option "ETS" transferring you over to the test server. First-time players will have to install the test server, but once installed you're all set and ready to go! 

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