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Escape from Tarkov Weapon Modding Tutorial Guide

How does weapon modding work in Escape From Tarkov
Escape from Tarkov Weapon Modding Tutorial Guide
Battlestate Games

Escape from Tarkov is filled with endless opportunities, whether or not you're making millions of roubles per scav run, successfully defeating scav bosses, or learning how to modify the best weapons, players can find their unique ways to thrive. However, one trade players should learn is how to modify their weapons successfully, as most will obtain an ADAR, slap on scope and foregrip, then receive some internal feeling of gratification. 

Learning how to appropriately and effectively build weapons in Escape from Tarkov takes experience or patience to learn, therefore reading this article you've already got what it takes. The developers at Battlestate Games decided to create a game where you can select multiple buffer tubes, the housing connected to the lower receiver allowing for a stock - yes, it's that deep. 

Within this guide we're going to show you how to effectively and quickly learn how to build trustworthy weaponry, going over the essentials and "how-to," ensuring you walk away a stronger and more confident Escape from Tarkov player! 


How To Unlock Weapon Modding In Escape from Tarkov

Weapon crafting and modding in Escape from Tarkov can become easier once obtaining the correct set of tools, within this tutorial please ensure you have the following:

  • Access to the Flea market (level fifteen)
  • Obtain WorkBench Level One in the hideout
  • Have examined the vast majority of in-game attachments (not essential but helpful)
  • The weapon you desire to modify 
  • Shooting Range in hideout - Test newly modified weapons 

How Does Weapon Modding Work In Escape From Tarkov

The reason why you need access to the flea market is simple, you need the ability to obtain a wide variety of attachments and most players won't be able to gather them directly from traders unless they are all loyalty level four, meaning you'll need to be around level forty. The workbench allows players to unlock a new weapon modification menu, allowing you to have a larger visual aid when building weapons, which will be seen in an image below, this menu will substantially help with weapon modifications, and the menu is directly linked to the Flea market. 

Players that have not examined many weapon attachments in-game will struggle, the weapon modification menu achieved with WorkBench level one will only allow players to select and explore the attachments players have examined. Therefore, if you haven't examined essential items the modification menu won't display them to you, hiding essential parts. To overcome this problem, enter the flea market, and begin examining all the weapon attachments, it's a long process although you only have to complete it once. 


Escape from Tarkov Weapon Modification Tutorial Guide 

Above is an image on the workbench modification menu, to access this menu, right-click the weapon you desire to modify in your stash and select "edit preset," taking you here. 

Within the image you can see the following:

  • Statistics menu, displaying all weapon stats (top right)
  • Ability to name, save, and open previous presets (top left)
  • Ability to purchase and build weapon preset once designed (puzzle piece top left)
  • Find and purchase missing parts to complete the build (top left)
  • Complete comprehensive breakdown of your weapon with all attachments 

This menu allows you to build a weapon without owning the attachments, with the only limitation being you have to examine parts to be visible within the menu. Therefore, you can begin building and exploring new weapon designs, directly seeing how the weapon statistics change as you switch between parts in the statistics menu. 

Escape from Tarkov Weapon Build Guide

When building a weapon in Escape from Tarkov, you want to ensure the following categories are as higher rated as possible:

Focus Applicable to this weapon category 

Assault rifles 

Sniper Rifles | DMRs 


Verticle / Horizontal Recoil 

Assault rifles 

Submachine Guns



Semi-automatic Shotguns

Sighting Range

Sniper Rifles 

DMRs (where desired)


Sniper Rifles




Submachine Guns

Assault Rifles

Going between attachment to attachment will highlight the fluctuation between each matter, a large scope might increase sighting range, but could increase weight and therefore recoil. All these thoughts and points are essential to building the correct weapon, therefore, start building and keeping an eye on those stats, experiment with them, and understand how weapons work.

Here is a list of attachments and uses to help give you some ideas about their uses:

  • Flashlight  - blind enemies close quarters, disarraying them and making an effortless kill
  • Canted Scope - Enables close-quarter abilities with longer-range weapons 
  • Rotor muzzle breaks - acts as both compensator and suppressor for weapons
  • Installing Larger Barrels - Increase in damage and accuracy on weapons
  • T12W 30Hz Thermal - Miniature and cheap thermal scope to catch out rats
  • Multiple Lasers - enable more precision and intimidation within your laser 

These are all new attachment ideas and concepts for new players, already used by the larger more successful Escape from Tarkov players. Yes, using a single holographic works occasionally, but take advantage of what's around you! 

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