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Escape from Tarkov Weapon Tier List: Best Guns, Ranked

A comprehensive guide to the best guns in Escape from Tarkov, with weapons ranked from S to F tier!
Escape from Tarkov Weapon Tier List: Best Guns, Ranked
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The weapon system in Escape from Tarkov is today's most intricate and unique system featured in any first-person shooter title. Knowing how to modify, build, and operate these weapons is a skill within itself, almost coming close to learning the designs of authentic weaponry! Players are bestowed with learning extensive weaponry mechanics, therefore, some are better to learn than others at the beginner level, whereas for some weapons you have to build the courage to operate. 

Alongside the weapons comes stress and anxiety, especially for newer players. With dozens upon dozens of available weapons, players are bestowed with a choice between trying something new and potentially benefitting or burning at the expense of someone else's survival. 

This article will mention every available weapon within Escape from Tarkov and rank them based on their: Ease, Reliability, Convenience, and Statistics.

Escape From Tarkov Guns Tier List - Best Weapons


RPK, DT MDR, HK 416A5, MK47, UMP 45, HK G28, M1A, RSASS, Mosin, MP7


AK 5.56x45 Models , AK 7.62x39 Models , AK 5.45x39 Models , ASh-12 , DT MDR , M4A1, TX-15 DML, MP-153 , MK-18, SR-25, SVDS




MCX, HK G36, AS VAL, VPO-209/136, MP9/N, MP5, MPX, P90, SR-2M, Vector, VSS Vintorez , M700, DVL-10, T-5000, KS-23M


PP-19-01, PPSh-41, Saiga-9, M3 Super 90, M590A1, M870, MP-133, MP-155, Saiga-12, AXMC, SV-98, VPO-215


MP-43 , MTs-255-12, TOZ-106, M32A1, FN40GL, RFB


VPO-101, MP5K-N, Kedr, STM-0


S-Tier Weapons

These are the greatest weapons to roam the lands of Escape from Tarkov, sending players back to the menus and demonstrating an exemplary example of modern weapons. 

  • RPK 
  • DT MDR
  • HK 416A5
  • MK47
  • UMP 45
  • HK G28
  • M1A
  • Mosin
  • MP7

Here's a larger description of the weapons:

RPK - Doesn't require any attachments or high modifications, the stock weapon supplies an incredible experience, players only need a sight/scope and they're ready to decimate.

DT MDR (7.62x51) - The MDR is compact, agile and eliminates enemies effortlessly with its high caliber optimization, like the RPK, the DT MDR doesn't require attachments to slap. 

HK 416A5 - The HK provides a better example of an assault rifle than the M4, showcasing accuracy and the ability to drop targets from all ranges, offering better modification options.

MK47 - The MK47 features similar characteristics as the above, high caliber with little need to modify. Can be operated for all different purposes and suits most needs and requirements the Escape from Tarkov battlefields provide. 

UMP 45 - Heaviest hitting submachine gun, allowing players to quickly and concisely eliminate enemies at close range, damaging both high and low-level armor effectively.

HK G28 - The HK G28 provided by Jaeger, comes fully modified and ready to rip, providing an excellent and effortless DMR experience. Great at eliminating scav bosses and high ranking players. 

M1A - Springfield M1A, the most classic modern rifle in Escape from Tarkov, is optimized for all ranges of combat with high caliber ammunition, ease of modification, and kick. 

RSASS - Everybody gasps when they find an RSASS due to its iconic nature, being the first "rare" gun within Escape from Tarkov. This weapon can complete any assignment thrown at it. 

Mosin - Don't ask questions. The Mosin has been in operation since 1891, yet we still use the rifle confidently to eliminate enemies on the battlefields of Tarkov. It's cheap, reliable, heavenly, and fun.

MP7 - Drop teams of four within seconds, the weapon is compact, cheap to modify, and rips through all players, no matter their level or armor. Players ensure to avoid the wrath of an MP7 at all costs, bringing you more freedom and deterrence.  


A-Tier Weapons

Excellent weapons are used consistently, providing reign over the battlefields and being players' typical "go-to" weapons. The choice of AKs below is due to the reliability 

  • AK 5.56x45 Models 
  • AK 7.62x39 Models 
  • AK 5.45x39 Models 
  • ASh-12 
  • DT MDR 
  • M4A1
  • TX-15 DML
  • MP-153 
  • MK-18
  • SR-25
  • SVDS

Here's a larger description of the weapons:

AK 5.56x45 Models - Provide excellent companions defeating scav bosses or playing against enemies inside buildings. They provide a healthy alternative with a difference in caliber. 

AK 7.62x39 Models - The iconic AK models all operate 7.62x39, leaving such an adaptable weapon, whether you're sniping, taking close-quarters, or in open combat. 

AK 5.45x39 Models - Excellent companions alongside sniper rifles, allowing you to fold these rifles and have them fully modified at a cheaper price.

ASh-12 - The most underappreciated weapon in Escape from Tarkov, this gun can kill anyone and anything with a maximum of two rounds. 

DT MDR (5.56x45) - The MDR takes little to get started, is cheap to run, and is incredibly reliable. The rifle will always be found in great condition and prove itself in most situations. 

M4A1 - The M4A1 is excellent when modified, however, the reason why it's not S tier is that it must be modified, otherwise, you're rendered useless. Overall 8/10 weapon. 

TX-15 DML - Fancy a break? Sit on the hills of Customs overlooking the compounds and taking enemies out effortlessly from afar. This weapon is great, doesn't require much knowledge, and is overpowered from its stock state (with a scope). 

MP-153 - Don't hate on this shotgun, you're able to transform into the grim reaper once using Flechette rounds and a suppressor. 

MK-18 - Weapon will one-shot anyone, no questions asked. However, the weapon is incredibly hard to access and expensive to run, therefore keeping it on the A list. 

SR-25 - The most "professional" weapon, able to transform from DMR to assault rifle after a series of minor weapon attachment changes. Excellent at all combat, except point blank. 

SVDS - The cheapest and most reliable advanced sniper rifle within Escape from Tarkov, allowing players to treat it like an assault rifle instead of a sniper rifle.


The choice of AKs above is due to the reliability and repetitiveness players use the AK models, whether they're compact, heavy hitting, modified, stock, or broken, players depend heavily on Kalashnikovs. Although they'll likely be S-tier weapons, they aren't seen as specific enough and are more of a "cop-out" choice, however, they provide excellent companions every raid.


B-Tier Weapons

B-tier weapons are the ones you'd use happily, despite not having your favorite weapon, these shall suffice and you'll have no problem operating them. However, these are the weapons that obtain the most character, noticing their little problems as well as benefits. 

  • AUG A1/3
  • RD-704
  • SA-58
  • SCAR-H
  • SCAR-L
  • ADAR
  • SKS
  • SAG AK 

Here's a larger description of the weapons:

AUG A1/3 - Great weapon that requires no modification, although it can be difficult to operate at a distance with stock scopes. The weapon has a strong character and is fun to use, but possibly not the best choice for universal operation across maps.

RD-704 - Unique weapon, coming from the AK family, the rifle can kill enemies very quickly and easily from all ranges across the map. Very difficult to maintain control of the recoil. 

SA-58 - Very deterring sound when firing, can kill enemies very quickly because of high caliber. There is no SA-58 with low recoil on the planet, takes some time to learn the weapon. 

SCAR-H - Very intimidating and great at fighting from mid-distance, very large, and not practical for close-quarter situations. 

SCAR-L - The same description applies as the SCAR-H, except with a different bullet caliber.

ADAR - The best rifle to take in-raid when you have nothing exciting going on, probably the most practical rifle available within Escape from Tarkov and easily modified. 

SKS - Provides the cheapest DMR/Sniper experience within Escape from Tarkov, but manually loading the rifle gets most of us killed regularly. 

SAG AK - Great at precision fighting, allowing you to tap enemies and kill them quickly. However, it's a single-shot rifle and cannot provide strong suppressing fire, losing fire superiority.


C-Tier Weapons

C-tier weapons are those that are known to have problems and are typically optimized for one type of scenario instead of multiple. Such as strictly close quarters and clearing rooms. 

  • MCX
  • HK G36
  • AS VAL
  • VPO-209/136
  • MP9/N
  • MP5
  • MPX
  • P90
  • SR-2M
  • Vector
  • VSS Vintorez 
  • M700
  • DVL-10
  • T-5000
  • KS-23M

Here's a larger description of the weapons:

MCX - Nobody uses this weapon due to the inconvenience of using .300 Blackout rounds, the weapon is great at close encounters and fun to use.

HK G36 - Great heavy-hitting weapon, but it's very impractical in most situations, good to use on certain maps that are larger and open.

AS VAL - Incredible at close quarters, except has very minimal rounds and magazines are too small.

VPO-209/136 - Rarely used by anyone and hard to modify. Once modified the weapon is great at all ranges of encounters, except has higher recoil.

MP9/N - Good at clearing rooms and very close quarters, cannot be used in open space otherwise you'll die. Very quick and easy to modify. 

MP5 - Great at close encounters, once entering open space the weapon must be replaced. Excellent on maps such as factory and The Lab. 

MPX - An SMG with great usage on clearing Factory and The Lab, can be used on maps like Customs and Lighthouse clearing rooms. 

P90 - Some will be greatly disappointed with the decision of this, but the P90 is impractical in most open scenarios and will get you obliterated in long-range encounters and larger maps. When used in close scenarios, it's a completely different story and easy to modify.

SR-2M - Very similar to the MP9, except slightly better. All submachine guns including the SR-2M are incredible at close quarters, especially with a flashlight. 

Vector - The Vector is great at spamming fifty rounds into an enemy in two seconds, except the fast dispatch time results in a lack of fire superiority over a long period.

VSS Vintorez - Considered a DMR, this rifle is never used at a distance, however, it's an ex-fan favorite and can decimate enemies at close range and doesn't need much modification.

M700 - An incredibly reliable sniper rifle, but it's slightly more expensive than the Mosin and doesn't obtain iron scopes, therefore, very difficult to use at close range if needed. 

DVL-10 - Generic go-to sniper rifle with excellent ability, however, it only serves one purpose in combat and Escape from Tarkov players like adaptivity. 

T-5000 - An incredibly powerful sniper rifle and fun to use on maps such as Lighthouse and Reserve killing raiders and rouges, again, only serving a singular purpose of sniping. 

KS-23M - Able to use a variety of different shotgun shells used for flashing and murdering enemies quickly. Great at killing anyone and anything using leg shots, and requires no modification. 


D-Tier Weapons

These are the weapons that aren't great for many scenarios, typically spawning on scavs or serving low purposes across the game due to practicality. Most players would use these weapons to save money and chance their luck. 

  • PP-19-01
  • PPSh-41
  • Saiga-9
  • M3 Super 90
  • M590A1
  • M870
  • MP-133
  • MP-155
  • Saiga-12
  • AXMC
  • SV-98
  • VPO-215

Here's a larger description of the weapons:

PP-19-01 - The PP-19-01 is great facing off with low-level players at the beginning of a wipe, but anything other than basic scavs and pistol runners and the submachine gun feels useless. 

PPSh-41 - It is with great disappointment I rank this D-tier, however, the PPSh-41 is no match against a fully automatic 7.62x51 MDR. 

Saiga-9 - Literally a pea shooter, great for killing scavs and saving money, especially on pistol runs and additional low-budget runs. 

M3 Super 90 - The shotgun can be great in close encounters, but it's no match against the MP-153 suppressed. The M3 is great against scavs and saves money for loot runs. 

M590A1 - great cheap shotgun, excellent for farming money and bringing extra security on loot runs. It's not rated higher due to the inability to modify deeper, causing less desire to use it. 

M870 - Delivers the typical American pump shotgun experience and delivers nicely to lower-level players with not much gear, anything more than level two armor and you better start running. 

MP-133 - Cannot modify at all, great for money farming and security. However, this shotgun doesn't serve particularly much purpose other than for tasks.

MP-155 - Same applies with this shotgun, there isn't much to say due to the inability to modify and maximize improvements. 

Saiga-12 - great when used in Factory and general close combat, however, it's a pain to reload this weapon or carry a spare magazine, making it quite frustrating to use. 

AXMC - serves very little purpose due to players not being able to afford this highly modernized sniper rifle. Despite it performing well, the rifle is rarely used and serves little purpose to Escape from Tarkov, the AXMC feels "too much," nothing beats a Mosin that's for sure.

SV-98 - incredibly large and chunky sniper rifle, being rather impractical. Although, when finding the weapon provides a smooth experience, just not as great as the DVL-10. 

VPO-215 - An excellent little hunting rifle, great for taking out enemies on Lighthouse and Reserve, especially when farming rouges/raiders. Cheap to run and easily modifiable, although performs weakly facing higher loadout players. 


E-Tier Weapons

These weapons are pretty awful, however, you're more than likely to get lucky with them. They serve no purpose even when modified. Additionally, these can be fun to joke around with.

  • MP-43 
  • MTs-255-12
  • TOZ-106
  • M32A1
  • FN40GL
  • RFB

Here's a larger description of the weapons:

MP-43 - An incredibly fun double-barrel shotgun, great for farming funny clips on Factory and having a blast. Although, I wouldn't use it in a serious manner. 

MTs-255-12 - Another great cheap shotgun to use on loot runs, it performs terribly and will likely get you killed. But the shotgun is a laugh and can provide a great time. 

TOZ-106 - The original gangster of meme shotguns, the TOZ-106 still remains a reliable running Factory, especially on scav runs. 

M32A1 - It's a grenade launcher that has six cylinders, providing semi-accurate fire. They're incredibly rare and enjoyable to use, but by the time you line up a shot, your enemy will have dropped you.

FN40GL - An even worse grenade launcher than the M32A1, having only one grenade cylinder and taking a while to reload. Incredibly fun to operate, but very deadly, for you.

RFB - The RFB was something great, but the rifle has never particularly fit into Escape from Tarkov, being a bullpup DMR rifle feels strange, with very low modifying opportunities. 

MP-18 - The new one-bullet wonder can take out enemies instantly, although this rifle is a one-shot-reload, causing huge inconvenience.


F-Tier Weapons

The worst weapons in Escape from Tarkov, modding them does nothing and they aren't particularly enjoyable to use, even as a joke!

  • VPO-101
  • MP5K-N
  • Kedr
  • STM-0

Here's a larger description of the weapons:

VPO-101- An overly large rifle that feels more relevant to the 1940s than to modern war. This rifle packs serious recoil and doesn't have much, if any, modification options other than a suppressor that's one-foot long. 

MP5K-N - has never been a great weapon, shoots incredibly weakly, and never delivers the killing shot. The MP5K-N will tuck your enemy into bed and read him a story instead of killing him.

Kedr - This small robotic-looking submachine gun is low caliber and feels demotivating to look at when spawning into the raid. It's not even fun to use because you know even melee wielders have an edge on you.

STM-0 - The STM-0 looks awesome and can be modified to look aesthetically appealing. But like the MP5K and Kedr, the STM-0 never delivers the kill shot and provides an unfortunate experience. 

Escape from Tarkov Weapons Summary

Those are all the weapons ranked within Escape from Tarkov, please be advised these are opinions and although somewhat factual, it's better off you experience both demise and satisfaction with these weapons before you come to a valid conclusion! We'll be sure to update this tier list should any significant changes occur, which we're sure will be mentioned in the official EFT Patch Notes.

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