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World of Warcraft
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World of Warcraft: Classic bots and cheaters banned by the thousands per day

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed how they ban thousands of World of Warcraft: Classic bots per day.
World of Warcraft: Classic isn't without its issues. The ever-popular MMO has a tonne of cheaters, who use WoW bots to farm for materials and more. Now, Blizzard Entertainment has revealed how they are banning thousands of these WoW: Classic bots per day.

World of Warcraft: Classic bots and cheaters

In a new post from World of Warcraft: Classic community manager Kaivax, the developer started off by stating the obvious: "No hacks or cheats allowed".

According to the community manager, every time the question comes up of how many WoW: Classic bots and cheaters, or those using hacks, have been banned a day, the answer is always in the thousands.

World of warcraft classic bots cheaters hacks

(Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)


Kaivax explains how Dire Maul is a hotspot for WoW: Classic bots and cheaters right now: "Our anti-cheat team focuses on popular botting spots, especially areas that are commonly reported by players.

"For example, Dire Maul has been one such area for cheaters, so a lot of attention from my colleagues has been put on Dire Maul recently."

The fight against cheaters and bots in World of Warcraft, especially in Classic, is a continuous one.

Blizzard encourages players to use the in-game reporting system to help them get rid of bots and cheaters in the MMORPG. 

These reports complement their anti-cheat systems against botters. The goal, of course, is to zero in on new hacks and cheats in World of Warcraft as quickly as possible.