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Activision ban 60k as Warzone devs redouble effort against cheaters

After staying quiet for months, Activision has finally released a statement on the efforts to stop cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone.
Activision ban 60k as Warzone devs redouble effort against cheaters
Constant cheating in Warzone matches has turned fans of the battle royale into fervent critics. While the problem is contained to PC users, console players that happen to turn on crossplay face the same issues. 

Since the game's release in March, cheaters have wreaked havoc in Verdansk and caused countless players to quit the game. Numerous influential streamers and gaming personalities have called out Activision for not implementing any kind of Anti-Cheat software or doing enough to stop the problem. 

However, in a break from silence, Activision has released a blog post that details what the developers are doing behind the scenes to combat the cheaters. 

activision bans cheaters warzoneCheaters have been Warzone’s chief problem since its release in March 2020. (Picture: Activision)

Activision’s efforts to stop cheating in Warzone 

According to the publishers, they’ve permanently banned over 300,000 accounts suspected of cheating in Warzone. That total was increased by 60,000 today alone. While the number is certainly going to help reduce the overall problem, many cheaters have come forward and said they are not worried about being banned since they can simply make a new account. 

Nevertheless, Activision went on to say they are dedicated to putting an end to this crisis. There’s a ton of work being done behind the scenes and more emphasis being placed on stopping the issues that currently plague Warzone. 

The blog post states third-party websites that sell cheats are being shut down and Anti-Cheat tools are in use to stop cheaters. While there doesn’t appear to be any actual Anti-Cheat software in place, at least Activision is utilizing some tools. 

To help with transparency, which has been a problem in the past, Activision says that weekly security updates will be provided on the cheating situation. This is followed by Raven Software, the main developers of Warzone, providing monthly updates at the least. 

Lastly, Activision stated that “security and enforcement teams have additional measures coming – both preventative and enforcement – throughout this year to root out both cheaters and cheat providers.” From the sound of this, a proper Anti-Cheat system could be on the way sooner rather than later.